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Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery Before and After

Another famous celebrity who is rumored to have a plastic surgery is Wendy Williams.  People deplored her decision taking plastic surgery because her appearance does not look better, but she now looks weird even awful.

Many plastic surgeons claim that Wendy Williams plastic surgery is one of the examples of plastic surgery gone wrong. They believe that her appearance is not really what she expected before undergoing the surgery.

Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Judging by before and after photos, people speculate that she has got breast implant and liposuction.  We can see that her body shape now looks slimmer than she used to. It really does not fit to her breast size which looks so big as if it will explode. Therefore, many plastic surgeons claim that what she had done for her appearance is overdone.

Wendy Williams Breast Implant Before and After
Wendy Williams Breast Implant Before and After

Looking at Wendy Williams appearance, some people think that she does not feel comfortable a lot with the transformation and people reaction given to her. For instance, after she gained weight a lot, fans start questioning if she had over indulges in cosmetic surgery.

Even though many people have criticized her appearance, but Wendy didn’t deny her decision upon the surgery like many other celebrities did. She widely spoke that liposuction took place in 2009, while breast augmentation was undertaken right after she had a baby. Allegedly she had a tattoo as well on her tummy for covering the liposuction she did. If you take a look at before and after pictures of Wendy Williams plastic surgery, you can clearly see how her breast  size differs from. 

In addition, public also notice that she apparently does not only have liposuction and boob job, but they predict that she can opt having facelift, cheek bone implants, nose job, and eyelid surgery as well.

Wendy Williams Nose Job Before and After
Wendy Williams Nose Job Before and After

Another spot of her body which was assumed as the result of plastic surgery is on her face skin, where the aging signs like wrinkles have gone. It is not like other women in her age do.  Her cheekbone lifted up a bit higher .

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A woman with 175 lbs indeed looks fresh and wonderful in her old age. It is believed that Botox injection was the main reason for her youthful appearance.  Her nose shape also signifies a big change, looking slimmer and sharper on the tip. These are the facts that Wendy has changed her look a lot.

What fans give thumbs up and appreciate to her is that she didn’t tight-lipped up for the surgery she did.  Big changes before and after the procedures she opted is widely known by public and she did not deny it. She said that there is nothing to hide all is true and people can compare. Having more youthful look, more refreshed. Prettier and sexier are the result of undergoing the surgery. If fans look her images up on her social media, the way how she posed would show everything.


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