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Ronn Moss Plastic Surgery Before and After

Ronn Moss plastic surgery becomes one of the surprising news in these days. The veteran American actor reportedly got facelift surgery, botox injection, eyelid surgery, and chin implants, so that his appearance now looks younger than other men in his age. Is that true “plastic surgery has turned him younger”?

Ronn Moss Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Ronn Moss Before and After Plastic Surgery
Ronn Moss Plastic Surgery Before and After

Comparing before and after pictures, his appearance indeed does not change a lot. His facial skin still appears tight and smooth, as if his age is not 62 years old. Therefore, it is no wonder if some people speculate that he has got some beauty surgeries.

Based on the comparison between Ronn Moss before and after photos, he possibly got facelift and botox injection to eliminate the aging signs on his face. In addition, Ronn’s eyes and cheeks also still look awesome. His eyes still look wide opened and fresh, as if he does not have sagging skin there. Meanwhile, his cheeks also still appear full. Looking at his eyes and cheeks, people believe that they are as the result of eyelid surgery or Eye Lift or medically called Blepharoplasty and cheek implants. His youthful appearance is very contrast to other men in his age who have shown some noticeable aging signs like wrinkles and sagging skin on his face features.

Ronn Moss Facelift
Ronn Moss Plastic Surgery Facelift

As we know that facelift and botox injection seem to be two of cosmetic surgery procedures which are almost taken by some 50-year-old celebrities in Hollywood. Both of the surgical procedures are aimed to tighten the facial skin and eliminate the aging signs.

Meanwhile, the eyelid surgery and cheek implants are for reducing the sagging skin around the eyes area while cheek implants are for making the yes look fresh and making the cheek always look full.

Ronn Moss Botox Injection
Ronn Moss Plastic Surgery Botox Injection

But unfortunately, the former star of The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS soap opera has not given any statements regarding plastic surgery rumor which was addressed to him. He just keeps silent whenever he is questioned by celebrity magazines journalists.

What do you think of Ronn Moss’ youthful looks? Does he look like having some plastic surgery procedures?

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