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Megyn Kelly Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

There are a lot of pros and cons about Megyn Kelly, television host and political commentator on the Fox News Channel. One of them is the way how she enhances her appearance. It is reported that she has had some plastic surgery procedures to keep her beautiful appearance. Is that true? That is what I will share to you.

The rumors of Megyn Kelly plastic surgery the first time began to spread and to be hot news in several talk shows after some people saw her with unnatural look. Her face looks a little bit frozen without any wrinkles. Meanwhile, the shape of her nose also has changed. But, the most noticeable transformation is her breast size which now looks much bigger than before.

Did Megyn Kelly Really Have Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery apparently is not always dominated by celebrities now. There are many women attempt to get the cosmetic surgery to keep their appearance including Megyn Kelly.

In the case of whether the 45 years old woman has been under knife or not, some people believe that she has really had some beauty surgeries. The big question is what kind of plastic surgery procedures did she have?

As what I have mentioned above, she reportedly had some beauty enhancements on the face skin, nose and her breast size. It means that she at least has filler injection like Botox, nose job and breast augmentation or boob job. To see whether those allegations are true or not, let’s see the detail reviews below.

Megyn Kelly Plastic Surgery: Botox Injection

It is not denied anymore that Megyn’s appearance now still looks very attractive. Her facial skin still looks smooth and flawless, as if she does not look like a 45 years old woman. Based on that reason, many people believe that she definitely has gotten Botox injections to keep her skin smooth and fascinating.

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Megyn Kelly Plastic Surgery Before and After
Megyn Kelly Plastic Surgery Before and After

Generally, 45-year-old woman’s face will show some aging signs like wrinkles and sagging skin around their face if they do not have any beauty surgery done. But, what we can see on Megyn’s face, she still appears ageless though her face skin looks little bit frozen.

According to American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Botox becomes the best option which is often taken by middle-aged celebrities in U.S to keep their youthful appearance. There so many actresses who are already 40 years old are suspected getting this procedure. Let’s take a look how Raquel Welch keeps her appearance looks ageless! She was reported having benefited from the use of Botox injection.

Megyn Kelly Plastic Surgery: Nose job

The other sign of Megyn Kelly cosmetic surgery can be seen from the shape of her nose which is considered having changed. Her nose now looks much different than she used to be. It looks slimmer and is more projected, whereas the previous nose looks bulbous and big. It is believed as the result of nose job or rhinoplasty.

Megyn Kelly Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Megyn Kelly Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Look at her nasal bridge, it seems to be narrowed, so that her nose appears pinched. Meanwhile, the nasal tip also looks more pointed than before. With the new shape of her nose, she looks more beautiful than she used to.

Looking at the new shape of her nose, some plastic surgeons believe that Megyn Kelly nose job has been done well by her surgeon.

Megyn Kelly Boob Job or Breast Implants

Besides Botox and nose job, mother of three children was also reported having gotten a breast augmentation surgery. This allegation is based on Megyn Kelly breast size which is considered turning into bigger and fuller than before.

Megyn Kelly Plastic Surgery Boob Job
Megyn Kelly Plastic Surgery Boob Job

Megyn Kelly boob job becomes the most noticeable evidence if she has really been under knife. In some latest photos of Megyn Kendall with bikini dress, some people notice that there is scar near her armpit which is considered as the scar of breast augmentation surgery.

Those all are the three plastic surgery procedures that maybe Kelly has gotten. Did she admit all the procedures? Until now there has been no official statement or confession from her. She was still silent when many people try to ask for the truth of these rumors.

What about you? Do you believe if Megyn Kelly has really been under knife? Feel free to speak up your mind here!


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