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Kim Kardashian Breast Implants Before And After

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Kim Kardashian breast implants rumors have been long stealing public attention. She has reportedly had a little work done including a breast augmentation surgery to improve her look. Even some source claimed that her boob job was aimed to save her marriage to Kanye West.

Does Kim Kardashian Have Breast Implants

Before investigating further whether the rumors of Kim Kardashian boob job were true or not, let’s get started by comparing before and after pictures below!

Kim Kardashian Boob Job Before And After
Kim Kardashian Breast Implants Before And After Pictures

Can you see the difference? Did Kim Kardashian get a boob job?

Along with the chatter of Kim Kardashian having buttock augmentation is word of her having her breasts augmented, also. Comparing before and after pictures, there is certainly a “huge” difference. Kim Kardashian breast size is much bigger, fuller and more defined. The only explanation to the burst of perfect growth would be breast implants.

Kim Kardashian Breast Size

Now, the big question is “What size are Kim Kardashian breast implants?

A lot of plastic surgeons including Dr. Tony Youn have speculated that Kim has had numerous plastic surgeries including a buttock augmentation and a breast augmentation. The surgeons see that Kim Kardashian’s boobs now look overly-perky. She might have had a 34E breast implants.

Kim Kardashian Breast Implants

How did Kim Kardashian respond the rumors of breast augmentation? In an interview she always denied that she had some work done including a 34E breast implants as what people rumored. Did she tell the truth? You can decide by yourself by comparing before and after pictures above!

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