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Kate Hudson Boob Job Before and After Pictures

Did Kate Hudson Get A Boob Job?

kate hudson breast job

Kate Garry Hudson has long been rumored to have had undergone a boob job (breast implants). Viewers see that Kate Hudson boobs now look twice bigger and fuller than before. Sadly, they now look fake instead of real. Therefore, haters believe that she has had a boob implants. See the pictures below!

kate hudson before and after boob job

kate hudson boob job before and after

kate hudson breast implant

How Kate Hudson has flaunted her new boobs without plastic surgery?

If we compare between her old photos and the recent ones, Kate Hudson boob previously looked small and flat, but her new breast, as we can see in “after” pictures, now appears slightly bigger and fuller. It could be the result of breast implants. She might take small implants because the additional volume of Kate Hudson breast does not look too big, but it still appears in normal size.

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kate hudson new boobs

Dr. John DI Saia, a California plastic surgeon tells “Kate Hudson is likely having small breast implants; the result is very nice and not overdone”.

In addition, Dr. Michael Salzhauer says “Kate Hudson seems to have breast implants from A cup to small C cup”.

In short, from the comparison between before and after pictures supported by the reviews of plastic surgery experts, I think Kim Kardashian and Jodie Sweetin should learn from Kate Hudson breast implant how to choose a subtle and realistic breast enhancement.

What do you think of Kate Hudson boobs transformation? Does it look natural? Please feel free to share this post and your reviews if you find something interesting in it!

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