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John Stamos Plastic Surgery Before and After

John Stamos Plastic Surgery lately steals many public attentions. Many people see that his appearance looks unnatural because his face does not have a lot of aging signs like many other men in his age have. John Stamos still appears ageless even though his age is already 52 years old.

Did John Stamos Really Have Plastic Surgery?

There are still many disputes whether the former actor of the ABC sitcom Full House has really had some procedures of cosmetic surgery done or not.

Many of John Stamos fans believe that his appearance is still natural without plastic surgery. They convince that he has been blessed with good genes, so that he can still look attractive though his age is not young anymore.

However, what has been claimed by his fans seems to be in contradiction with the existing facts. Many celebrity watchers see that his forehead appears so smooth without any frown lines. His face skin also still looks so tight for a 53-year-old man. Therefore, they believe that he could have been under knife to keep his youthful look.

John Stamos Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures
John Stamos Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Well, if the speculations of John Stamos plastic surgery are really fact? The big question is what kind of plastic surgery procedures did he have?

Looking at his ageless look, some plastic surgeons predict that he had at least facelift and Botox injection. Is that true? In order to prove whether what surgeons claimed is true or not, let’s see the comparison between John Stamos before and after photos.

John Stamos Plastic Surgery: Facelift

Some of us may still remember how well Donnie Wahlberg looks after being under knife for facelift. John Stamos is also predicted having benefited from the procedure of cosmetic surgery.

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John Stamos Plastic Surgery Pictures
John Stamos Plastic Surgery Pictures

The signs of John Stamos facelift surgery can be seen from his face skin which still appears so tight as if he is not like a 52-year-old actor, but his appearance still appears like 35 years old male. His face skin does not look saggy but it still appears tight. It rarely happens to other men in his age to have so great appearance if they do not have any projects done with a plastic surgeon.

John Stamos Plastic Surgery: Botox Injection

Besides facelift surgery, the actor who was born on August 19, 1963 is also reported having filler injection on his face. This allegation is based on his face skin which does not only look tight but it also appears smooth without any visible aging sign. It is definitely as the result of chemical peel or Botox injection.

John Stamos Plastic Surgery Face
John Stamos Plastic Surgery Face

Facelift and Botox injection themselves are not something new anymore for middle-aged male actors. There are many male actors or singers are reported having benefited from the use of filler injection and facelift surgery to maintain their ageless look.

Let’s see the way Billy Crystal keeps his gorgeous look! He reportedly got a lot of benefits from the procedures of plastic surgery, facelift. The other middle age actor, who is also rumored having plastic surgery face, is Sean Patrick Flanery. Both of American actors now look younger than their actual age.

Did John Stamos admit all the allegations of plastic surgery? When he was confirmed and asked whether he had been under knife or not, he did not openly admit. He just said that he found actors who didn’t age unnerving.

“It’s funny, because I haven’t had one ounce of Botox or any of that. I finally got gray hairs in the past couple years, and I wore it on ‘ER’, but they made me cover it up in this show. I don’t want to be one of those weird-looking guys who gets old but stays looking young.”

In short, whatever John Stamos does to look young, it’s clearly working for him because his appearance looks as good as ever.

What do you think? Has John Stamos had plastic surgery? Feel free to share this post if you find something interesting in it!

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