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Jodie Sweetin Boob Job Before and After

Did Jodie Sweetin Get A Boob Job?

jodie sweetin breast implants

The rumors of Jodie Sweetin Boob Job have long become hot topic in several forums. A lot of viewers believe that the former star of the sitcom Full House and its spin-off series Fuller House, had undergone a breast implant. This allegation is based on Jodie Sweetin boobs which look fake.


How do Jodie Sweetin fake boobs look before and after? Let’s see the pictures below!

did jodie sweetin get a boob job

jodie sweetin fake boob job before and after

jodie sweetin fake boobs

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What do you think? Are Jodie Sweetin boobs real or fake?

Judging from before and after pictures above, Jodie Sweetin breasts size indeed look twice bigger and fuller than before. Surprisingly they go up a couple cup sizes pretty quickly.

It has to be noted that her age is only 32 so that it would be impossible for to get breast augmentation naturally without any plastic surgery procedures intervention. Therefore, viewers believe that Jodie sweetin fake breasts are the result of breast implants though the truth of this speculation is still unconfirmed.

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