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Eminem Plastic Surgery Before and After

Eminem plastic surgery has turned out to be a spiked affair for himself and many his devoted fans. His appearance reportedly gets worse by the day due to too much surgical procedures done.

There are many his fans wonder why he can so careless by taking too many surgery procedures to enhance his look. They think that he actually has been a cool and handsome man without plastic surgery.

Eminem Plastic Surgery Procedures

Eminem whose complete name Marshall Bruce Mathers III does look different by the day. His appearance looks weird now. Many people who look his recent appearance predict that The reigning Artist of the Year champ of the first YouTube Music Awards has gone too far with his surgery procedures.

Eminem Plastic Surgery Before and After
Eminem Plastic Surgery Before and After

If we look at Eminem before and after pictures, he probably had too much Botox injection, so that his appearance does not have expression lines though his facial skin still looks smooth and tight. In stead of having youthful look, his appearance becomes weird now. The other type of plastic surgery that is likely overdone is an eyelid surgery which has made his eyes stared blank.

Many plastic surgeons noticed that Eminem plastic surgery does not only include Botox and eyelid surgery, but they saw that his nose, lips, and cheeks were apparently enhanced via plastic surgery procedures such as a rhinoplasty surgery, lips filler injection, and cheek implant.

Even though his appearance has changed a lot, but Eminem still keeps silent regarding the rumor. He has never declared openly that he has got plastic surgery. As a result, the rumor of Eminem plastic surgery always becomes mystery and hot topic of discussion among the fans and many plastic surgeon.

In short, having a youthful and flawless appearance via plastic surgery is very tempting, but if it is done excessively, the appearance will look bad as what has been experienced by Eminem.

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What Do you think of Eminem plastic surgery? Was it done excessively?

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