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David Duchovny Plastic Surgery Before and After

There are many people are lately talking about David Duchovny Plastic Surgery. The Golden Globe winner reportedly got some plastic surgery procedures due to his different look. Yeah, some celebrity watchers see that his appearance looks a little bit different than other men in his age.

David Duchovny Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos
David Duchovny Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Celebrity viewers think that his appearance looks great for a 55-year-old man. His face does not show many wrinkles or other aging signs, but it still appears smooth and tight.

Did David Duchovny Have Plastic Surgery

David William Duchovny who was born on August 7, 1960 is best known as a successful American actor. But, not a few of them also know him as writer, producer, and singer-songwriter. During his career he has achieved many awards. One of them is The Golden Globe awards in 2008 as Best Actor.

However, his achievements in entertainment industry do not make his life free from any gossips. The latest news says that the former star of The X-Files has been under knife, so that his appearance still looks fresh and ageless. Is that true that plastic surgery is as his beauty secret? Let’s see the following comparison between before and after pictures.

David Duchovny Plastic Surgery Pictures
David Duchovny Plastic Surgery Pictures

Judging from David Duchovny before and after photos, his face indeed still looks tight and smooth. It is hard to see the wrinkles over there. For that reason some people believe that he must have had some plastic surgery procedures done. What are the procedures of David Duchovny Plastic Surgery?

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Looking at his face skin, many plastic surgeons agree if David Duchovny at least has had mini facelift which could be combined with brow lift and filler injection like Botox. They reveal that he should have some wrinkles or saggy skin around his face as the sign of natural process aging. But, the surgeons do not see them on his face.

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David Duchovny Plastic Surgery Before and After
David Duchovny Plastic Surgery Before and After

Facelift surgery and Botox injections are two of plastic surgery procedures that are most often taken by middle-aged celebrities. It may be caused by their fear of the signs of aging. According to American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a facelift surgery is one of cosmetic surgery procedures that can rejuvenate the old face skin. The procedure is formed by pulling out the saggy face skin and it is usually followed by other surgical procedure like Botox injection and brow lift.

There are many examples of male plastic surgery that we can use as the reference before deciding to have plastic surgery. Let’s see Mike the Situation Plastic Surgery! He reportedly got these surgical procedures to get rid of aging signs from his face.

However, it has to be noted that plastic surgery cannot always guarantee the best result. It sometimes goes wrong if the surgical procedures are not done by a professional plastic surgeon. Let’s take a look at Axl Rose plastic surgery! He reportedly got plastic surgery gone wrong, so that his cool appearance can turn into bad look.

But, if we look at David Duchovny Plastic Surgery, he seemed to have a good plastic surgeon. As a result, his appearance can still look awesome and ageless though his age is no longer young.

Well, regardless of whether the speculation of David Duchovny Plastic Surgery is true or not, many people are really amazed with his ageless look. What about you? Do you believe if he has really been under knife to keep his ageless appearance? Or did he really have good genes? Feel free to share your opinion!

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