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Are Katy Perry Breasts Real Or Fake? Exclusive Review

The transformations of Katy Perry Breast are recently stealing many public attentions. There are many people are shocked by the transformation of her cup size. They see that Katy Perry boobs size now looks much bigger than she used to be.

Katy Perry Breasts Augmentation Surgery
Katy Perry Breasts Augmentation Surgery

Did Katy Perry have breast implants? That is the common question for those people who see her boobs’ transformation. They wonder how she can get breast size so beautiful if she did not get a breast augmentation surgery.

Since then, the speculations of Katy Perry Breast Implants become hot topic among her fans. There are many disputes whether she has really been under knife for boob job or not. Some people believe that she had done the procedure, but not a few of her fans claim that Katy Perry Breasts are still natural without any implants inserted in them. Which one is true?

For those people who believe if the 31 years old singer has had breast implants see that her breast size transformation occur in very short time. They convinced that it rarely happens to other women if there is no any intervention from plastic surgeon.

On the contrary, for those who do not believe these rumors, they assume that the transformation of Katy Perry breast size because of the growth process. They assured that she is still young, so the additional volume of breast is a common thing. Moreover, the pictures which used as the evidence of her plastic surgery allegations are taken with different angle.

Does the winner of Billboard Awards for Top Digital Songs Artist in 2014 admit the boob job rumors? Katy Perry denies breast implants. She told that she never had breast augmentation surgery to add the volume of her boobs. They were still natural without any implants.

Although she has strongly denied all the speculations and has ensured that her boobs still natural, but celebrity watchers believe that the rumors of Katy Perry breast implants are fact. They assume that if it was just because of the growth, her breasts would not turn into twice bigger than before. What about plastic surgeon’s opinion?

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Katy Perry Breast Expansion
Katy Perry Breast Expansion

According Dr. Jennifer Walden, after comparing between before and after pictures and watching the videos uploaded on Youtube, the surgeon did not see any sign of boob job. Dr. Jennifer believed that Katy Perry breasts were still natural and suited to her body size. The doctor even equalized the her breast size as beautiful as Sofia Vergara breasts. She ensured that Katy’s cleavage was still natural and did not show any scars of breast augmentation surgery.

Nonetheless, Walden did not want to assume that her review was the most correct. She said that her review could be wrong and on the contrary. The surgeon just made sure that if the rumors of Katy Perry breast implants were in fact true, the surgeon definitely did it well, so that her breast still looked natural and so beautiful, not too big. Her breast augmentation surgery certainly becomes the best example of good plastic surgery

What do you think of the transformation of Katy Perry breasts? Does her boob’s size look like as the result of boob job (breast implants or breast augmentation surgery)? Feel free to share this post if you find something interesting in it!


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