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Alexis Bledel Plastic Surgery Before and After- Fact or Hoax?

Many people are recently talking about the rumors of Alexis Bledel plastic surgery. These rumors had become hot topic of discussion in recent years. According to some sources that I have read, she reportedly had a rhinoplasty (nose job) and filler injection like Botox. But, the truth of this speculation is still debatable. The actress herself has never given any official statement about it. Therefore, many people are still wondering whether she had really been under knife or not.

Alexis Bledel Plastic Surgery Before and After
Alexis Bledel Plastic Surgery Before and After

For those people who may not be so familiar with Alexis Bledel, an actress with beautiful blue eyes, she is an actress who got the fame after being portrayed as as Rory Gilmore in a TV series, “Gilmore Girls”. The actress’ age is already 34 years old, but her face skin still looks fresh without a lot of wrinkles or other aging signs. That is why some people speculate that she has had some procedures of plastic surgery done to keep her ageless looks.

Did Alexis Bledel Get Plastic Surgery?

To answer the question above, we can compare between Alexis Bledel’s before and after pictures. And, as we can see, her appearance does not look change a lot even though her age continues to increase from year to year. What is the secret of her beauty? It was said that she could have gotten an amount of botox injection to keep her facial skin smooth and fresh.

Besides using Botox injection to keep the youthful looks, this blue eyed actress was also reported having a nose job. This speculation is based on the shape of her nose which was believed having changed. However, the truth of Alexis Bledel’s nose job rumors is still debatable among the fans.

Alexis Bledel Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job

If we compare between before and after pictures, her nose does not seem to change a lot; it still appears the same. Generally, the actresses whose rhinoplasty will have some changes on their nose, but what we can see on Alexis’ nose, it does not look having significant change. If you want to see how rhinoplasty changes the shape of nose, you can see Tom Cruise nose job.

Based on the result of the comparison between Alexis Bledel plastic surgery before and after pictures, this American actress seems to only have minor plastic surgery, not major surgery. If this claim was true, a lot of fans felt happy and they hope that she could keep her beauty naturally without any procedures of cosmetic surgery. The fans think that without surgical procedures she had been a beautiful actress.

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What was feared by Alexis’ fans seemed to be a natural thing because not a few of celebrities turned into horrible after getting plastic surgery gone wrong. Let’s see Jocelyn Wildenstein cat woman plastic surgery! She looks horrible after getting too many procedures of plastic surgery. At least, Jocelyn Wildenstein has given a valuable experience for us that not all beautiful appearance can be obtained through beauty surgery.

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What do you think of Alexis Bledel cosmetic surgery rumors? Did she look like having Botox and nose job? Leave your comment if you find something missing in this post about Alexis Bledel plastic surgery!

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