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Double Eyelid Surgery

Kwang Hee Plastic Surgery

Kwang Hee plastic surgery lately steals many public attentions. The Korean star reportedly has had work done on his face due to the different appearance. A lot of people see that his appearance has changed a lot. He now looks much more handsome and cute. Did he really have plastic surgery? If he did so, [...]

Celine Dion Plastic Surgery

Celine Dion who is best known as a Canadian singer lately becomes hot topic of discussion in several forums. She reportedly has had some procedures of plastic surgery to enhance her appearance. According to the rumors, Celine Dion plastic surgery procedures include Botox injections, a rhinoplasty or nose job, eyelid surgery, skin treatments and many [...]

Korean Plastic Surgery

Korean Plastic Surgery is considered as one of the best one in the world. It can be proven from the data that show many women and men, who plan to enhance their appearance through plastic surgery, make the list of their travel for cosmetic surgery in Korea. It is a fact that many Koreans have [...]

Girls Generation Plastic Surgery

Girls Generation Plastic Surgery is actually not new rumor anymore. All of the members of South Korean girl group, SNSD, have been reported to have some plastic surgery procedures done even though many of them have tried to deny the rumors. Girls Generation, well known as SNSD, is a girl group band from South Korea. [...]

Angelababy Plastic Surgery

It is not something new anymore that plastic surgery in Asia has become favorite ways to enhance the appearance including for the celebrities. The latest news reports that beautiful and sweet actress, Angelababy, is rumored having some surgical procedures done. The big question is what kind of Angelababy plastic surgery procedures are if she has [...]