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Before and After Photos

Taylor Swift Butt Implants

Taylor Swift seems to never stop making sensation. Still fresh in our memory how she left Calvin Harris for the sake of the new man she just knew. This news even become viral on social media such as facebook and twitter. However, since the controversy news of her relationship with Calvin ended, some people are [...]

Stana Katic Plastic Surgery

A beautiful actress, Stana Katic, recently becomes a hot topic of discussion in various forums because of her dramatic transformation. The former star of Pit Fighter film looks much different from she used to. Many plastic surgeons believed that it was caused by plastic surgery. But, the actress herself never cares about the rumor. She [...]

Kesha Plastic Surgery

Kesha plastic surgery has seized public attention during the past four years. She is reported to have received some cosmetic surgery procedures to beautify the appearance and support her career in the music industry. Even though she seems to deny if she had the beauty surgery, but many people are still wondering whether she had [...]

Ashley Judd Plastic Surgery

Recently, there are many people are talking about Ashley Judd plastic surgery because her appearance lately looks weird and she even looks a little bit awful. Whereas, she previously looked fresh and beautiful. What happens to her? There are many disputes whether Ashley had bad plastic surgery or not, but looking at her face which looks [...]

Lori Loughlin Plastic Surgery

The rumor of going through a series of cosmetic procedure has made this 46 years old woman Lori Loughin becomes very popular. Having such more beautiful and fresher face is due to the intervention of Botox injection. Also, this procedure has resulted a smooth forehead and space between her eyebrows. Not only that, she is [...]

Patricia Heaton Plastic Surgery

In this modern and highly sophisticated era, it is not so surprising for people to look their favorite actress different and always appealing due to a treatment we call cosmetic plastic surgery.  For many women, especially celebrities taking plastic surgery would be beneficial in boosting their career and life style. To be said that Patricia [...]

Park Shin Hye Plastic Surgery

A beautiful Korean singer and actress Park Shin Hye is allegedly to have plastic surgery to boost her career path. It is rumored that she had nose job and double eyelid surgery to look more charming and beautiful. This young, talented and controversial actress has been a center of attention like other Korean celebrities who [...]