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Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery Before and After

Everyone must have been familiar with this American singer, songwriter, and actress Mariah Carey. Her name recently becomes headlines in several celebrity magazines due to plastic surgery rumor. She was reported having some cosmetic surgery procedures to improve her appearance.

The 45-year-old singer is alleged having Botox injection, rhinoplasty surgery, breast augmentation, cheek implants, liposuction, tummy tuck, and possibly skin laser treatments such as Fraxel, Active Fx and CoolTouch.
The rumor of Mariah Carey plastic surgery has been spreading over years. And, unluckily she always denied all the beauty surgery rumors by stating that all of the changes of her appearance were because of aging and weight loss after having given birth to the children.

A lot of people believe that Carey at least got tummy tuck or breast implant after having given birth to her kids. However, there are also possibilities for her to get weight loss via routine exercise.

Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery Before and After
Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery Before and After

Comparing between before and after pictures, Mariah Carey’s nose and cheeks look a little bit different than before, especially at her early career. Some people who saw the differences predict that they were caused by nose job and cheek implants.

Let’s take a look at Mariah’s cheeks, they appear higher than she used to, indicating she had got injectable filler on her cheek which is medically called cheek implants.

Mariah Carey Nose Job Before and After
Mariah Carey Nose Job Before and After

On the other hand, if we look at her nose, it apparently looks much more defined than before. Mariah Carey nose now appears thinner with more defined at the tip. It indicates that she might have been under knife for a rhinoplasty surgery.

It is not denied anymore if Mariah has big cup size. However, some people predict that her breast size is fake because she gained it via breast implant. If we pay attention carefully, Mariah Carey breast size does look much bigger than her bust size in the beginning of her career. Look at her breast at the beginning of her career, her cup size first looked an average size and a bit sagging. But, if we compare with her recent bust size, it looks projected.

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Mariah Carey Breast Implants Before and After
Mariah Carey Breast Implants Before and After

Even there are many celebrity watchers allege her having boob job twice, but the fans still insist that her different breast size is because of weight gain.

Another sign of Mariah Carey plastic surgery can be seen from her perfect facial skin. She does not have any aging signs around her face indicating that there is possibilities for her to get dermal injections like Botox or Juvederm. She also might have regular skin laser treatments.

However, some plastic surgeons predict that Mariah’s face skin which looks so smooth and poreless are due to multiple chemical peels and a great skin care regimen.

And, if we look at the shape of her body which at first looked big and round in all the right places, she now looks slimmer with flat stomach and there is no extra jiggle on her thighs. It indicates that she had been under knife for perfect liposuction. The liposuction allegation seems to be the answer for the mystery of her transformation, sometimes appearing with big body, but she also sometimes appear with slim body in short time. But, some plastic surgery experts estimate Mariah Carey liposuction is to eliminate the cellulite scars.

Dr. Anthony Youn revealed that the rumor of Mariah Carey plastic surgery including breast augmentation was in fact true. The surgeon convinced that she could not move her breasts together. Even, Dr. Youn estimated that Mariah Carey plastic surgery had apparently spent more than $150,000.

In short, Even though she has denied all the plastic surgery allegations, but many plastic surgeons and celebrity watchers believe that Mariah had really multiple plastic surgery procedures done. They also claim that all of the procedures of Mariah Carey plastic surgery are well done.


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