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Ben Savage Nose Job Before and After Pictures

Are you fan of “Boy Meets World”? If you were, you would be familiar with the star Ben Savage. He reportedly had a little work done in his nose. The procedure of his cosmetic surgery was predicted to refine the shape of his nose because it now appears prettier than before.

Ben Savage Nose Job Pictures

Did Ben Savage Get a Nose Job?

The rumors of Ben Savage nose job began spreading and stealing public attention after some people noticed that the shape of his nose has turned into thinner and better defined.  Viewers believe that the change is not the effect of makeup, but it leads to the result of rhinoplasty.


How does Ben Savage nose look now? Let’s take a look closer to the following pictures!

ben savage nose before and after

Ben Savage Nose Job Before and After

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Look at Ben Savage nose in “before” pictures! It looks bulbous with the bump at the tip. Afterwards, compare them to the recent ones (after nose job), his nose has turned into slimmer and sharper as if the nasal bridge has been narrowed and the bump at the tip has been removed. The result, you can see by yourself in the latest pictures.

Rhinoplasty itself is a common plastic surgery procedure used to correct or reconstruct the nose. Often referred to as “nose reshaping,” it is performed to improve the general appearance of the nose or to correct breathing issues.

Did Cory from boy meets world admit it? When he was confirmed to give official statement whether he had undergone a nose job or not, he did not say any word regarding the nose job rumors.

Nonetheless, viewers do believe the rumors are undeniable fact that he really had been under knife for nose surgery.

What do you think about the rumors of Ben Savage nose job? Do you agree if his new nose was the result of rhinoplasty?

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