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Plastic Surgeon Analyse of Barbra Streisand Plastic Surgery

Barbra Streisand’s beauty may not be doubted anymore, but who ever thought that she maintained her ageless and flawless look with extreme way, plastic surgery.

According to some sources, she has spent much money to keep her appearance always look fresh and gorgeous. She reportedly spent $35,800 for plastic surgery procedures plus $6,700 for regular treatments.

What Type of Barbra Streisand Plastic Surgery Procedures?

Knowing her spending much money for plastic surgery makes some plastic surgeons wonder what kind of surgical procedures that she had. And here are some analyses of Barbra Streisand Plastic Surgery Procedures.

Facelift Surgery and Botox Injection

The first cosmetic surgery procedures that she might get are facelift surgery which is combined with Botox injection. Plastic surgeon’s allegation is based on how her face skin especially around her forehead looks so smooth, tight, and fresh even though her appearance is expressionless.

Barbra Streisand Plastic Surgery Before and After
Barbra Streisand Plastic Surgery Before and After

What we can see from her youthful appearance is that it is almost impossible for a 70-year-old woman having ageless and flawless look if she did not have plastic surgery procedure done. Looking at her smooth face, some people believe that it is the result of facelift and Botox injection as what has been revealed by plastic surgeon Miles Berry “In all likelihood she’s had Botox to erase her frown lines and crows’ feet”.

On the contrary, Dr. Anthony Youn strongly denied if Barbra Streisand had been under knife to enhance her appearance. The surgeon did not see any sign of plastic surgery on her face.

Cheeks Filler Injection

According to Dr Papageorgiou, Barbra’s cheeks do not look saggy but it still looks smooth and plump like other women in her age have. It indicates the use of filler injection around the cheeks.

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The sign of dermal filler injection is very noticeable in her mid-cheeks because she seems to have too much filler injection there. As a result, her face looks a little bit artificial.

Eyes Lift Surgery

It is not normal for a 70- year-old woman to have wide opened and fresh eyes if she does not have any work done there. Looking at Barbra Streisand’s eyes, they still look beautiful without excess skins. It triggers speculation if she has been under knife for eyes lift surgery.

A plastic surgeon, Dr Al-Ayoubi, reveals that the excess skin or other aging signs under and upper the eyes have been removed through eyes lift surgery. The surgeon ensured that there was shadow going down into the cheek area.

Nose Job or Rhinoplasty Surgery

One of the most attractive face features of Barbra Streisand is her unique nose. Many plastic surgeons believed that she had gotten nose job or medically called as a rhinoplasty surgery even though she strongly denied the allegation. She was afraid if she had been under knife for nose surgery, it would affect her vocal cords.

Barbra Streisand Nose Job Before and After
Barbra Streisand Nose Job Before and After

According to Dr Papageorgiou, a facial expert, Barbara’s nose was mild reshaped through non-invasive nose job combined with the use of filler injection to obtain a smoother line around her nose. The surgeon showed that there was no hump in the bridge while the tip was less pronounced. Therefore, her nose could look so great.

Boob Job or Breast Augmentation

Barbra Streisand Boob Job Before and After
Barbra Streisand Boob Job Before and After

According to Dr Al-Ayoubi, besides facelift, botox, cheeks filler injection, eyes lift surgery, and nose job or rhinoplasty surgery, Barbra also reportedly got boob job or breast implants. The most noticeable sign of Barbra Streisand boob job that we can see is on her breast size which still looks full, tight, and round. Such cup size is almost impossible owned by other women in her age.

In short, many plastic surgeons believe that Barbra Streisand has gotten some plastic surgery procedures done, so that she can always look gorgeous, beautiful, and young even though her age is almost 71 years old.


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