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Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery- Worst Male Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Lately, a lot of people especially celebrities began to be tempted to get plastic surgery to improve their appearance image. But unfortunately, not all celebrity plastic surgery goes according to their expectations. Indeed, there are many celebrities look more beautiful after getting plastic surgery, but not a few of them also look ugly even awful  after having some beauty surgery procedures done.

Well, the question is who are Hollywood celebrities who get plastic surgery gone wrong? Here is a short list of celebrities who have undergone worst plastic surgery based on the statistics from a plastic surgeon and several reports published in some publications and on the internet.

List of Worst Male Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery

Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery

Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery

Mike Jeffries Plastic Surgery

Pete Burns Plastic Surgery

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Jean-Claude Van Damme Plastic Surgery

Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery

Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery

Wayne Newton Plastic Surgery

Now, let’s see what kind of surgical procedures they had, so that their appearance looks bad and even awful.

Michael Jackson Plastic Surgey Disaster

Almost all people agree that Michael Jackson is indispensable to the beauty surgery, but unfortunately almost all his plastic surgery procedures have gone wrong. Therefore, it seems to be reasonable that Michael Jackson’s plastic surgery ranks top for worst male celebrities’ plastic surgery. After having a series of cosmetic surgery procedures, his appearance has changed almost beyond recognition.

Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery- Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery

According to a report published in the Daily Mail, he is rumored to have earned at least 100 procedures of plastic surgery. You can imagine what would happen if you get so many surgical procedures. Michael Jackson may have much money, but unfortunately it was not able to avert him from the botched plastic surgery.

Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Mickey Rourke is not only known as a famous actor, but he also has competed as an amateur boxer. Many rumors said that he had a plastic surgery to improve his damaged appearance after often having hard blows in the boxing ring. Unfortunately, instead of restoring his handsome and cool looks, he just looks weird.

Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery- Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery

According to some reports, he reportedly went to a plastic surgeon to get a nose job, ear surgery, face lift and eyelid surgery. But, the surgeon doing his surgical procedures with unsatisfactory result even arguably was terrible, making her face look swollen, messy and mushy.

Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery Before And After

Many people know Bruce Jenner is a stepfather of the famous Kardashian sisters. However, before she was married to Kris Jenner, he was an athlete winning a gold medal at the Olympics.

Worst Plastic Surgery - Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery

Many people are deeply regrets his efforts in keeping the appearance through plastic surgery because of his appearance now is not as gorgeous as he used to be. According to published reports in online media, Bruce Jenner plastic surgery procedures include rhinoplasty, face lift, cheek implants, chin implants, hair transplant and even reportedly had transgender reassignment surgery.

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Mike Jeffries Plastic Surgery Disaster

Mike Jeffries is not a famous actor, but his name is quite popular among celebrities in America. He is best known as a businessman. He is the former CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch Co, an American retailer that focuses on upscale casual wear for young consumers.

Worst Plastic Surgery - Mike Jeffries plastic surgery

Some people may see him as a handsome and cool man. However, his appearance lately looks little changing, not as handsome as before. Many people thought he was getting the worst plastic so that his appearance looks a bit strange now.

According to the data we collected, he seemed to have some plastic surgery procedures done such as botox, facelift, nose job and lip injection.

Pete Burns’ Cosmetic Surgery Nightmares

Known as a songwriter whose an eccentric appearance, Pete Burns was reported to have been the victim of a plastic surgeon who is not a professional and uncertified. Many people see that his appearance now looks awful. This may be caused by too much plastic surgery.

Worst Plastic Surgery - Pete Burns Plastic Surgery

According to the information from some plastic surgeons, Pete Burns has had plastic surgery gone wrong. Looking at his new appearance, they predict that the procedures of Pete Burns plastic surgery include Collagen lip, cheek implants and a nose job. After getting a series of cosmetic procedures, his appearance now looks like a woman with a bad face.

Jean-Claude Van Damme plastic surgery

Everyone knows Jean Claude Van Damme is an actor best known by the nickname “the muscles from Brussels”. However, few of them did not know he had to get plastic surgery.

Worst Plastic Surgery - Jean Claude Van Damme plastic surgery

Comparing between the before and after pictures, Jean Claude Van Damme appearance look very different indeed. Many people see that his performance was not as beautiful as the first. It is believed as the effect of many plastic surgery procedures are done to excess.

Looking at his new appearance, a lot of celebrity observers suspect he has gained at least a face lift and Botox injection. Both plastic surgery procedures are known as the most powerful ways to get rid of the aging signs. Instead of getting a youthful appearance, Damme’s face now even looks strange, little swollen.

Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery

Many people are asking what is going on Kenny Rogers. They see that his appearance now looks little strange and unnatural. Is this as the effect of aging? It is unlikely; some celebrities observers suspect a 75-year-old man has been getting plastic surgery. Their allegations are based on his face skin which looks very unnatural for men in his age in which his facial skin looks very tight and super smooth.

Worst Male Plastic Surgery- Kenny Rogers plastic surgery

Looking at his latest appearance, the observer of the celebrity suspect he has been getting a face lift, Botox injections and eyelid surgery which seemed to be done excessively. Look at the comparison of the photo above! Then you will see a very significant difference between his past and present.

Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery

Steven Tyler is the lead singer of the famous rock band Aerosmith. He was rumored to be one male celebrities who get excessive plastic surgery because his appearance now looks a little strange than usual.

Worst Male Celebrity Plastic Surgery - Steven Tyler plastic surgery

According to some reports that we collect, he reportedly went to a plastic surgeon for a face lift, Botox injections and a nose job. But unfortunately, both face lift and Botox injections seemed to be overdone so that his appearance now looks unnatural. Indeed, his facial skin still looks taut and smooth, but many people consider his skin looks a little strange because there are no frown lines on his face even though he is no longer young.

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Wayne Newton Bad Cosmetic Surgery

A 72-year-old singer, Wayne Newton, now becomes the center of people attention. This is not due to the achievement of his musical career, but this is caused by the his appearance which is considered looking weird.

Worst Male Celebrity Plastic Surgery - Wayne Newton Plastic Surgery

Looking at his appearance, many people thought Wayne Newton was getting worst plastic surgery. Their allegations are based on his appearance which looks highly contrast each other between his appearance in the past and the present one. They see that his face now looks patting and swollen. They suspect it was caused by too much Botox injections.

Besides Botox injections, he was also reported to have been getting a face lift surgery and nose jobs. But, these two surgical procedures were done wisely not like his facial filler injection.

Conclusion, the key to success in plastic surgery is knowledge about anything related to cosmetic procedures, plastic surgeons, and all the risks of plastic surgery if it was not done correctly. Hopefully, the list of worst male celebrity plastic surgery above could be your consideration before you decide to go to a plastic surgeon.


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