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Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery Pictures

Public know her performance through some movies such as Independence Day, Set it Off, Soul Food who were all successful on TV Screen , Vivica Fox is indicated to have several plastic surgery procedures. At least sequence of cosmetic surgery procedures she has undertaken is nose job, Lip augmentation, and breast augmentation. As a result , her decision to do so becomes an interesting center of a talk among people.

Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery: Before and After Pictures

Vivica Fox Breast Implant Before and After
Vivica Fox Breast Implant Before and After

Having been suggested to have the breast augmentation, then gossip addressed to her that she languished with no confidence for a while. She is unmistakably rankling upon her breast lips and filler skin. Vivica is not only the one whose plastic surgery gone wrong. A few of them are such as Nicole Kidman, Ashley Judd, and Kate Gosselin are among her friends who have undertaken the knife jobs to make a dramatic transformation on their face and body.

Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery Results

The first choice to have surgery is befallen on her breast. People recognize the way she undertook this breast augmentation was since her chest look even bigger and rounded yet unnatural. For surgeons they claimed that the star has a breast implant since the boobs are caught stretched and rippled. This condition afterwards became a center of a talk, and media consumption.

It is widely known that the Afro-America descents are normally would have thicker lips, but that doesn’t exist on Vivica’s lips are appealing ever since. The lips are juicer and plump now which this issue shows a speculation that she has undertaken lips augmentation. So if you can see how different are the lips before and after, really look smaller and plump.

Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Another way to make her new appearance is that she reportedly had a nose job. Previously, she had a bulbous nose with a bump at the tip. But then, her bulbous nose change dramatically into a slimmer and pointed nose. A rhinoplasty surgery really looked a charming with a pointed shape as what many people really expect to have. Above all, her nose job is far beautiful and an example of a well of nose surgery.

Vivia Fox is one of those celebrities who attract public’s attention due to her acting and private life. So what do you think of her decision to bravely take such plastic cosmetic surgery?


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