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Tom Cruise Face Swap | Tom Cruise Face Lift, Nose Job, Teeth Surgery

A lot of people recently ask what happened to Tom Cruise face at BAFTAs. They see that his face has changed and does not look as handsome as before. His face now appears puffy and frozen. This makes the fans wonder and are afraid if the actor became the victim of bad Botox like what has been experienced by actress Megan Fox.

The rumors of Tom Cruise plastic surgery has long become center of public attention and still remains uncofirmed. Therefore, some viewers predict that his face swap was due to too much Botox injection, so that it appears puffy and a bit frozen. Look at the picture below!

Tom Cruise Face Symmetry
Tom Cruise Face Symmetry

You can compare Tom Cruise’s face now with his previous face when he was at early career. We believe that you will have the same opinion with other viewers.

Tom Cruise Face before Face Lift
Tom Cruise Face before Face Lift

Tom Cruise’s face at BAFTAs reaps many critics in social media like Twitter. A lot of people on Twitter described his new face as “stretched,” “exfoliated” and “pinched.” They predicted that the actor had overdone facelift and had received too much Botox injections.

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Besides facelift and Botox injections, he was also reported having had a nose job or medically called as rhinoplasty and cosmetic dental surgery.

Tom Cruise Nose Job Before and After

Based on some reports, Tom Cruise reportedly had at least one nose job during his career in entertainment industry as what was revealed by plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia.

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“I’ve seen images of him as a younger man. He seems to have had a nose or two.”

Tom Cruise's Nose Job Plastic Surgery
Tom Cruise’s Nose Job Plastic Surgery

If you look closely at Tom Cruise nose before and after photos above, you will see that his nose now looks totally slimmer and accordingly shaped. The nasal bridge area looks completely defined better than before.

After having a nose job done, Tom Cruise nose now appears looks much better and in unison with his face than it ever.

Tom Cruise Teeth Before and After

If you take a look closely at Tom Cruise teeth before surgery with the recent one, you will see and realize that the actor now has perfect smile. His teeth is in perfect alignment and display now. Let’s see the following picture!

Tom Cruise Teeth Before and After
Tom Cruise Teeth Before and After Pictures

Judging by before and after photos above, it was believed that Tom Cruise had been under knife for cosmetic dental surgery which included bonding, teeth whitening, crowns (caps), porcelain veneers, teeth or gum removal, dental implants, tooth structures as well as fixed bridges.

Conclusion, regardless of whether Tom Cruise has had overdone facelift and had received too much Botox injections or not, his new face shocks a lot of people At The 2016 BAFTA Awards!

What do you think of Tom Cruise face transformation? Did he really look like being a victim of bad Botox injections? Feel free to share your reviews in comments box and to share this post if you find something interesting in it!

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