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The Catwoman Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

The Catwoman Plastic Surgery or Jocelyn Wildenstein plastic surgery has been becoming hot topic of discussion for years. There are many people are still wondering about what type of plastic surgery procedures she had and how she looks now after being reported getting worst plastic surgery.

Catwoman Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures
Catwoman Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

It has to be noted that Jocelyn Wildenstein earned the nickname ‘Catwoman or Catlady’ because of her penchant for wild cat that indirectly inspires her to change the appearance like a wild cat through plastic surgery. But unfortunately, what she has done does not seem to go according to her dream. Her appearance now looks increasingly odd and even looks scary.

Many people wonder why she was so bold in changing the appearance, whereas before getting plastic surgery she had beautiful and charming appearance. Nevertheless, they are aware that plastic surgery is Jocelyn personal choice.

The Catwoman Plastic Surgery Pictures
The Catwoman Plastic Surgery Pictures

According to dailymail magazine, the procedures of Catwoman plastic surgery have spent around $4million. She had multiple plastic surgery procedures done such as Lips augmentation, Breast augmentation, Botox injections, Face lift, Cheek surgery, Chin surgery, and it is possible for to get more surgical procedures done to correct her appearance.

The comparison between Catwoman plastic surgery before and after pictures may give you a little description how hard she had to alter her appearance through plastic surgery procedures. Many people deeply regret her efforts in changing the appearance. Even a certain source claims that her appearance now makes her as one of the scariest woman ever in the world.

There are many rumors dealing with the reason of Catwoman plastic surgery. Some sources reported that she decided to take some cosmetic surgery procedures to please her husband. However, the other sources claim between her husband and herself have the same penchant for wild cat.

The other example of celebrity plastic surgery that has gone wrong is Joan Van Ark Plastic Surgery. Her apeparance reportedly becomes worse after having some plastic surgery procedures overdone.

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Overall, I hope that we can learn from Catwoman plastic surgery gone wrong that not all beauty surgery can alter our appearance better. Sometimes it can be like a boomerang that will ruin our appearance one day. And the most important thing is that she can get her beautiful appearance back soon, so that she can enjoy the rest of her life.


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