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Taylor Swift Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Everyone must have been familiar with Taylor Swift, a beautiful American singer.  She is not only best known as a successful new star in America, but many people admire her beautiful appearance. However, her name now becomes hot topic of discussion in several social media and talk show. Taylor Swift reportedly got some plastic surgery procedures so that she can look so sexy and beautiful. Nevertheless, some people are still wondering about what type of beauty surgery that she has had.

Taylor Swift Nose Shape
Taylor Swift Rhinoplasty Surgery Before and After

Based on some sources that I’ve ever read supported with some comparison of Taylor Swift before and after pictures, some plastic surgeons predict that she has been under knife for nose job and boob job or it is better known as breast implants. Did she really get both of surgical procedures? Let’s see the following reviews which are based on before and after photos.

Taylor Swift Plastic Surgery: Nose Job or Rhinoplasty Surgery

Taylor Swift Nose
Taylor Swift Nose Job Before and After

Judging by before and after pictures, Dr. Anthony Youn saw that the shape her nose had changed. It looked a little bit different than she used to. The surgeon noticed that her nose now looks more refined than before. It looks thinner with straighter tip. Such nose change can only be obtained through plastic surgery or a rhinoplasty surgery.

Taylor Swift Plastic Surgery: Boob Job or Breast Implants

The other part of her body that triggers plastic surgery speculation is dealing with her breast size which now looks bigger than before. Is it as the effect of implant? It can be true. Let’s see the comparison of before and after pictures below.

Taylor Swift Breast Size
Taylor Swift Boob Job Before and After

If we look at the before pictures, Taylor Swift breast looks small and flat. But, if we look at the after pictures, her cup size looks a little bit bigger. We know that it may be caused of using push up bra. But, it does not mean that she does not have breast implants.

Taylor Swift Breast Implants
Taylor Swift Breast Implants Before and After

The speculation of Taylor Swift breast implants firstly spread when she attended people’s choice award with clothes slightly open, especially the chest. Since then, a lot of people speculated that she had been under knife for boob job.

What do you think about the rumor of Taylor Swift plastic surgery? Does she really look like as the patient of plastic surgeon? Feel free to share your comment with us!

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