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Hillary Clinton Facelift

Hillary Clinton Facelift is finally revealed. That is the headlines in several magazines in U.S. In a new book entitled "Unlikeable" written by Edward Klein, it is revealed that she had underwent a procedure of plastic surgery namely facelift. She did the surgical procedure ahead of her participation in the 2016 presidential election. The writer [...]

Blythe Danner Plastic Surgery

Everyone agrees that Blythe Danner is a beautiful woman. However, who would have thought that her beauty was obtained through plastic surgery. Yes, many celebrity magazines reported that she had undergone plastic surgery procedures to maintain her beauty so that she always looks younger. The rumor of Blythe Danner Plastic Surgery began spreading when some [...]

Barbara Walters Plastic Surgery

The frightening problem for middle-aged women in the world is aging. Some women may prefer to age naturally and gracefully, but not a few of them decide to take plastic surgery as the short cut to get an ageless appearance.  Barbara Walters becomes one of the women who reportedly got plastic surgery to maintain her [...]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Plastic Surgery

Everyone must have been familiar with Arnold Schwarzenegger, a famous American actor. Many people are now talking about him. It is not dealing with his new film, but it is all because of plastic surgery allegation. Yeah, he reportedly got some cosmetic surgery procedures done to enhance his appearance. However, the rumor truth of Arnold [...]

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery

A lot of people wonder what had happened to Meg Ryan. Her appearance now looks almost unrecognizable. They do not believe if the fresh-faced woman turned into tighter visage and augmented lips. Since then, many people speculate if the famous blonde has gotten plastic surgery gone wrong. However, they still wonder what type of cosmetic [...]

Hillary Clinton Plastic Surgery

Hillary Clinton plastic surgery seems to be one of the signs if beauty surgery does not always attract the celebrities, but a politician also has possibilities to get beauty improvement via plastic surgery. Some people may know her as the wife of former America president Bill Clinton. On the other hand, her name began stealing [...]

Reba Mcentire Plastic Surgery

Living in awesome style, maintaining her sexy body and having a refreshed and smooth look are the things that can not be separated with the surgery experience she did. Reba Mcentire beauty is often associated with the cosmetic surgery she took. Plastic surgery indeed becomes the reason why everything appears on her body look different. [...]

Robin Wright Plastic Surgery

In this modern area, people are seeking something perfect that can boost their popularity and one of many ways undertake is by plastic surgery.  In acting and filming industry, her performance has been undeniable. Her beautiful face seen on TV has made many people know her. For plastic surgery procedures, from Botox, Neck lift, facelift, [...]

Tina Louise Plastic Surgery

Another Hollywood celebrity who had undergone surgery is an actress, author, as well singer Tina Louise. Born in New York and first introduced to the fame world has made her to keep her beauty everlasting. Tina who had been in the filming industry becomes a subject of topic by people for years due to her [...]

Helen Mirren Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery in Hollywood celebrities is a common thing as they might consider that face is a fortune and become an asset to keep. One of old celebrities who had undergone plastic surgery is Helen Mirren. She has made people surprised due to her appearance that looks youthful. In her age of 67, she looks [...]