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lip augmentation

Calista Flockhart Plastic Surgery

Calista Flockhart lately becomes hot topic of discussion among many celebrity watchers. It is not dealing with her new film, but it is all about her appearance. Some people see that her appearance now looks a little bit different than she used to. It is not because of aging, but it deals with the speculation [...]

Big Ang Plastic Surgery

There are few of celebrities who openly spoke in front of public concerning their plastic surgery they have undertaken. Moreover they had plastic surgery gone wrong. One of those celebrities who bravely admitted having plastic surgery  is Big Ang. She reportedly had some cosmetic surgery procedures to improve her appearance in her old age. How well [...]

Daryl Hannah Plastic Surgery

It has been a long-standing tradition for some celebrities that plastic surgery is a compulsory tradition that they must follow. Unluckily, this cosmetic intervention cannot be always successfully done for some celebrities in Hollywood. Many of them look unnatural, artificial, and even horrible after having some types of plastic surgeries. One of the actresses who [...]

Taylor Armstrong Plastic Surgery

Indeed a plastic surgery treatment has been a magnet to people who want to have something ”appealing” yet natural face on their body (face). Taylor Armstrong’s name even more popular since she is speculated to have some plastic surgeries on her body. Even she tight-lipped on this situation, people publicly recognize her discrepancies after having [...]