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hair transplant

Worst Male Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Lately, a lot of people especially celebrities began to be tempted to get plastic surgery to improve their appearance image. But unfortunately, not all celebrity plastic surgery goes according to their expectations. Indeed, there are many celebrities look more beautiful after getting plastic surgery, but not a few of them also look ugly even awful  [...]

Steve Carell Plastic Surgery

Everyone agrees that Steve Carell is not a young actor anymore. His age is already 52 years old. During his career in film industry, he must have earned a lot of awards. The latest news reports that his name was nominated in Oscar Awards 2015 as the best actor. However, some people lately are not [...]

Matthew Mcconaughey Plastic Surgery

Matthew Mcconaughey who is best known as a successful actor recently becomes hot topic of discussion. It is not due to his new film, but it is all caused by the rumor of plastic surgery. Yeah, some people notice that his appearance now looks much different than he used to, whereas some people have known [...]