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Carla Bruni Plastic Surgery

Many people are shocked by Carla Bruni’s appearance. She previously was a beautiful and sexy woman, but her appearance now has has changed a lot. She now looks weird and even awful. Even many people think that her appearance now looks unrecognizable. They do not understand why she can be so careless with her appearance. [...]

Barry Manilow Plastic Surgery

Barry Manilow Plastic Surgery lately becomes a hot topic of discussion in various forums. Many people are wondering about his new appearance. They think that he looks a little bit weird. He does not look as good as he used to be. Since then, they predict that he might get plastic surgery gone wrong, so [...]

Annette Bening Plastic Surgery

Annette Bening Plastic Surgery has been stealing the attention of many celebrity watchers. It is all because of disputes about the truth of whether she has been under knife or not. Some people see that she has had some cosmetic surgery procedures, but not a few of her fans claim that she is still natural [...]