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Facelift Surgery

Deidre Hall Plastic Surgery

Everyone seems to agree if Deidre Hall, an American actress, is not young anymore. Her age is already 69 years old. Although she is no longer young, but many people are still fascinated by her beautiful appearance.  Many of them always hope to be able to see her beautiful looks by watching her role in [...]

Donnie Wahlberg Plastic Surgery

There are many people are talking about Donnie Wahlberg plastic surgery in various forums. The 45-year-old man is reported having some beauty surgeries done to keep and enhance his appearance. Based on before and after pictures, it is very clear that his appearance has unnatural look. His forehead looks wrinkles-free while her face skin looks [...]

Bree Walker Plastic Surgery

Some people may wonder why the former of news anchor, Bree Walker, looks so weird. Since then, there are a lot of speculations about the cause of her bad appearance. One of the most talked is that she had become a victim of plastic surgery. Based on some reports that I read, she did reportedly [...]

Bob Costas Plastic Surgery

There are many people are lately talking about the possibilities for Bob Costas to get plastic surgery due to his youthful appearance. Some people may not believe if his age is already 62 years old. They think that he still looks like a 45-year-old man. What is the secret? Did he really have plastic surgery [...]

Ronn Moss Plastic Surgery

Ronn Moss plastic surgery becomes one of the surprising news in these days. The veteran American actor reportedly got facelift surgery, botox injection, eyelid surgery, and chin implants, so that his appearance now looks younger than other men in his age. Is that true “plastic surgery has turned him younger”? Ronn Moss Plastic Surgery Before [...]

Ann Margret Plastic Surgery

Again, 71 years old American actress is rumored to get plastic surgery to keep her flawless appearance. Comparing before and after pictures, she reportedly got some types of plastic surgery such as facelift surgery, eyelid surgery, Botox, and other facial filler injection. However, the reason of Ann Margret plastic surgery is still mystery because the [...]

Matthew Mcconaughey Plastic Surgery

Matthew Mcconaughey who is best known as a successful actor recently becomes hot topic of discussion. It is not due to his new film, but it is all caused by the rumor of plastic surgery. Yeah, some people notice that his appearance now looks much different than he used to, whereas some people have known [...]

Joan Van Ark Plastic Surgery

Many people may think that plastic surgery is so cruel for the senior actress Joan van Ark. Her appearance is getting worse after having some surgery procedures done. She is even listed as the victim of plastic surgery gone wrong. Why is she so careless? and what kind of surgical procedures did she have till [...]

Christine Baranski Plastic Surgery

Christine Baranski plastic surgery is recently stealing public attention due to unnatural appearance. At 62-year-old age, her appearance still looks gorgeous and ageless as if there are not a lot of aging signs on her face. Some people predict that she possibly had some cosmetic surgery procedures done, so that her appearance still looks like [...]