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Face Lift

Kate Gosselin Plastic Surgery

Kate Gosselin plastic surgery news has stolen a lot of people's attention and especially plastic surgeons. The mother of eight children reportedly has had some cosmetic surgery procedures to keep her beautiful appearance after giving birth to eight babies. Did Kate Gosselin Get Plastic Surgery? Kate Gosselin plastic surgery rumors first spread when some people [...]

Catwoman Plastic Surgery

The Catwoman Plastic Surgery or Jocelyn Wildenstein plastic surgery has been becoming hot topic of discussion for years. There are many people are still wondering about what type of plastic surgery procedures she had and how she looks now after being reported getting worst plastic surgery. It has to be noted that Jocelyn Wildenstein earned [...]

Linda Evans Plastic Surgery

Linda Evans plastic surgery is becoming a hot topic of discussion among celebrity watchers in several forums. It is all due to her dramatic change. She may rarely appear on television now, but once she appears on television, there are many people are surprised with her transformation. Some people who look at her weird appearance [...]

Hillary Clinton Plastic Surgery

Hillary Clinton plastic surgery seems to be one of the signs if beauty surgery does not always attract the celebrities, but a politician also has possibilities to get beauty improvement via plastic surgery. Some people may know her as the wife of former America president Bill Clinton. On the other hand, her name began stealing [...]