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Eyelid Surgery

By2 Plastic Surgery

The rumors of By2 plastic surgery have been stealing many public attentions. Although the singing duo from Singapore has denied all the speculations, but before and after photos uploaded on internet show that there are very noticeable changes on their appearance. By2 Plastic Surgery: Fact or Hoax? Judging from the comparison between By 2 before [...]

Korean Eyelid Surgery

South Korea now has become the plastic surgery capital of the world overtaking Brazil. The country which is best known with Kpop culture now has highest number of cosmetic surgeries performed per capita. Believe it or not, South Korean women seem to be so immersed in western celebrity culture that likes doing plastic surgery. The [...]

Taeyeon Plastic Surgery

One more, a member South Korean girl group Girls' Generation has reportedly been getting plastic surgery. She is Kim Tae-yeon who is better with stage name "Taeyeon". The rumor of Taeyeon Plastic Surgery began spreading since some people found something looks unnatural in her appearance especially on the shape of her nose and eyes. Did [...]

Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery

Michelle Phan plastic surgery lately becomes hot news in several magazines. Many people are wondering whether she has really had plastic surgery procedures done or not. If the news is true, there are many people seem to be disappointed with her because she is best known as an advocate of natural beauty. Did Michelle Phan [...]

Hillary Clinton Facelift

Hillary Clinton Facelift is finally revealed. That is the headlines in several magazines in U.S. In a new book entitled "Unlikeable" written by Edward Klein, it is revealed that she had underwent a procedure of plastic surgery namely facelift. She did the surgical procedure ahead of her participation in the 2016 presidential election. The writer [...]

Jennifer Lawrence Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Lawrence Plastic Surgery lately steals public attention. It is all because there are many beauty magazines wrote that her surgery has inspired a lot of woman. One of them is a woman from Texas. She is reported to have some surgical procedures done in order to look like the winner of Academy Award, Jennifer [...]

Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery

Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery has seized the attention of many plastic surgeons in Asia. Many of them try to review the possibility of a surgical procedure what he had. Almost all agreed that he had had some beauty enhancements around his face, nose, eyes and lips. What Are Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery Procedures? [...]

Beverly D Angelo Plastic Surgery

Beverly D Angelo Plastic Surgery recently becomes one of trending topics in social media. Many people are talking about the possibilities for her to get cosmetic surgery procedures to keep her beautiful and sexy appearance. The rumor of Beverly D Angelo Plastic Surgery began spreading when some celebrity watchers saw her with stunning look. Her [...]

Barry Manilow Plastic Surgery

Barry Manilow Plastic Surgery lately becomes a hot topic of discussion in various forums. Many people are wondering about his new appearance. They think that he looks a little bit weird. He does not look as good as he used to be. Since then, they predict that he might get plastic surgery gone wrong, so [...]

Barbara Walters Plastic Surgery

The frightening problem for middle-aged women in the world is aging. Some women may prefer to age naturally and gracefully, but not a few of them decide to take plastic surgery as the short cut to get an ageless appearance.  Barbara Walters becomes one of the women who reportedly got plastic surgery to maintain her [...]