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Blythe Danner Plastic Surgery

Everyone agrees that Blythe Danner is a beautiful woman. However, who would have thought that her beauty was obtained through plastic surgery. Yes, many celebrity magazines reported that she had undergone plastic surgery procedures to maintain her beauty so that she always looks younger. The rumor of Blythe Danner Plastic Surgery began spreading when some [...]

Axl Rose Plastic Surgery

The rumor of Axl Rose Plastic Surgery may have been being discussed for long time, but some people are still wondering whether the rumor is true or not. Many people have been digging some information to prove whether the frontman of Guns N’ Roses has really been under knife or not. But unluckily, they do [...]

Barbra Streisand Plastic Surgery

Barbra Streisand’s beauty may not be doubted anymore, but who ever thought that she maintained her ageless and flawless look with extreme way, plastic surgery. According to some sources, she has spent much money to keep her appearance always look fresh and gorgeous. She reportedly spent $35,800 for plastic surgery procedures plus $6,700 for regular [...]