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Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery

What more can you say about Heidi Montag's plastic surgery obsession? A lot of viewers have known that she underwent 10 procedures of cosmetic surgery in one day. It is very extreme way! Related: Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery However, some sources recently tells us that she regrets all the procedures of her beauty surgery. Why? [...]

David Duchovny Plastic Surgery

There are many people are lately talking about David Duchovny Plastic Surgery. The Golden Globe winner reportedly got some plastic surgery procedures due to his different look. Yeah, some celebrity watchers see that his appearance looks a little bit different than other men in his age. Celebrity viewers think that his appearance looks great for [...]

Beverly D Angelo Plastic Surgery

Beverly D Angelo Plastic Surgery recently becomes one of trending topics in social media. Many people are talking about the possibilities for her to get cosmetic surgery procedures to keep her beautiful and sexy appearance. The rumor of Beverly D Angelo Plastic Surgery began spreading when some celebrity watchers saw her with stunning look. Her [...]

Betty White Plastic Surgery

Everyone may not believe if Betty White is already 88 years old because her appearance still looks like a 50-year-old woman. What is the secret of her ageless look? Some people speculate if the veteran actress has gotten plastic surgery to maintain the youthful appearance. So that she can always look young and attractive. Has [...]

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery

A lot of people wonder what had happened to Meg Ryan. Her appearance now looks almost unrecognizable. They do not believe if the fresh-faced woman turned into tighter visage and augmented lips. Since then, many people speculate if the famous blonde has gotten plastic surgery gone wrong. However, they still wonder what type of cosmetic [...]

Alyssa Milano Plastic Surgery

Recently many people are shocked by Alyssa Milano’s confession about plastic surgery. According to some sources she openly admitted that she had been under knife for surgical procedure, breast implants or boob job. She told that she had small cup size. Therefore, she decided to get breast augmentation to add the volume of her breast [...]

Jessica Lange Plastic Surgery Picture

Plastic surgery might be helpful for some people to let them look more different and artificial. Though this is still viewed differently by many people, many of them take beneficial from it. Jessica Lange Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures A sexy model and actress Jessica Lange is an example on how cosmetic surgery had [...]