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Breast Implant

Kat Von D Plastic Surgery

Kat Von D. Kat, a tattoo artist, lately steals many public attentions. She was rumored having some procedures of plastic surgery because she looks different than before. However, many people especially her fans are still wondering about what type of beauty surgery she had. It cannot be denied again Kat Von D, who has real [...]

Meagan Good Breast Implants

Meagan Good is claimed as one of the best examples for plastic surgery model. The thin-framed actress has awesome breast size in which it is believed as the result of boob job (breast implant or breast augmentation surgery). In the past, plasticsurgerymagz.com noted that she was ever also reported getting some plastic surgery procedures beyond [...]

Jackie Zeman Plastic Surgery

Jacklyn Zeman is lately being talked by many people. It is all because her appearance which now looks a little bit weird and even looks unrecognizable. Some people are wondering what happens to her, so that she does not look as beautiful as she used to. There are a lot of speculations regarding Zeman’s appearance. [...]

Melissa Gilbert Plastic Surgery

Melissa Gilbert Plastic Surgery, especially breast implant removal, has become center of public attention. Some people are wondering about the truth of these rumors because she always denied that she had been under knife for a breast implant in the past. It has to be kept in mind that she was reported to have had [...]

Nicki Minaj After Plastic Surgery

There are a lot of Nicki Minaj before and after pictures are uploaded on internet. This makes some her fans wonder if she has really has had some procedures of plastic surgery done like many celebrity watchers are talking about. They think that she indeed can do everything with her money including having cosmetic surgery. [...]

Alyssa Milano Boob Job

The speculation of Alyssa Milano boob job has been spreading over the years. The rumors began stealing public attention when some people noticed that her cup size has changed much bigger than she used to. Since then, they tried to compare between before and after pictures and they see that Alyssa Milano boobs indeed look [...]

Aishwarya Rai Plastic Surgery

It is not denied anymore that Aishwarya Rai is a beautiful and sexy woman. Even her beauty led her to become Miss Universe in 1994. However, her beautiful and sexy appearance is reportedly as a result of plastic surgery. Did Aishwarya Rai really have plastic surgery? Since she became the winner of Miss Universe, there were [...]

Adrienne Bailon Plastic Surgery

Adrienne Bailon now becomes center of public attention due to her attractive appearance at 31-year-old age. Many people think that her appearance looks unnatural, but it is like the result of plastic surgery. The rumor of Adrienne Bailon plastic surgery began spreading since her breast size looks bigger and rounder, as if the implants were [...]

Leah Remini Plastic Surgery

A beautiful actress Leah Remini now becomes a hot topic of discussion due to plastic surgery rumor. Some people notice that her appearance which always looks fresh and attractive is as the result of cosmetic surgery. If she really ages naturally, she at least has some aging signs on her appearance. But in fact, Remini [...]

Alyson Hannigan Plastic Surgery

Alyson Hannigan was rumored getting some plastic surgery procedures done to enhance her appearance because the 41-year-old American actress looks a little bit different than before. Some parts of her body apparently have been improved very well. Her appearance also does not look like as a 41-year-old woman, but she appears like a 30-year-old actress. [...]