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Steve Carell Plastic Surgery: Hair Transplant

Everyone agrees that Steve Carell is not a young actor anymore. His age is already 52 years old. During his career in film industry, he must have earned a lot of awards. The latest news reports that his name was nominated in Oscar Awards 2015 as the best actor.

Steve Carell Plastic Surgery Hair Transplant
Steve Carell Plastic Surgery Hair Transplant

However, some people lately are not talking about his achievements, but they are talking about his appearance over all. They see that there is something unusual in his appearance when he was attending Oscar awards in 2015. They noticed that his appearance looks a little bit different than he used to. Therefore, they wonder if the former star of Little Miss Sunshine film has had plastic surgery procedures done.

Did Steve Carell Have Plastic Surgery?

The rumor of Steve Carell Plastic Surgery began spreading when some people saw him at Oscar 2015 with awesome hair, whereas he previously was reported having hair loss problem. Did he really have hair restoration through plastic surgery?

Having hair loss problem or baldness may become big and annoying problem for most men including Steve Carell. But, if you look at his latest appearance, he seems to be free from the baldness. His appearance looks much better than before.

Steve Carell Plastic Surgery Hair Restoration
Steve Carell Plastic Surgery Hair Restoration

Judging from the comparison between before and after pictures, the speculation of Steve Carell hair restoration or hair transplant might be true. Look at his latest appearance in “after” picture, his hair has grown well and it looks natural. Meanwhile in “before” picture, his hair is apparently hard to grow. In fact, he reportedly had to wear a wig every going out of the house.

Steve Carell hair transplant reminds us to Matthew Mcconaughey hair restoration. He was also reported having hair transplant trough plastic surgery to restore his hair.

Well, from the comparison between Steve Carell before and after pictures, it is very clear that his hair loss problem has been solved. But, did he admit that he had been under knife for hair transplant?

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Since this post was written and published, there has not been an official confirmation from him. He still keeps silent about his new hair appearance. Therefore, Steve Carell Plastic Surgery, hair restoration, still becomes hot topic of discussion among his fans and many celebrity watchers.

What do you think of Steve Carell’s new appearance? Did he look like having hair transplant? Feel free to share this post if you find something interesting in it!

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