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South Korea Plastic Surgery Statistics You Should Know

Plastic surgery in South Korea is considered as the most extreme ever in the world. Many of us may know that America is a country in which the people especially the celebrities are very obsessed with plastic surgery.

Korean Plastic Surgery Before After
Korean Plastic Surgery Before After

According to ABC News, the velocity of money for plastic surgery in the United States reached about $12 billion. However, those amounts were still less than the velocity of money for plastic surgery in Korea. It is reported that more than 7.5 million people in South Korea have undergone plastic surgery procedures. It is so fantastic for a country with 51,482,816 populations.

Surprising Facts about South Korea Plastic Surgery

Many people think that South Koreans especially the celebrities look so perfect. Their face and appearance almost look the same, both male and female. South Korea with its Kpop has become endemic everywhere. Almost teenagers in the world especially in Asia idolized Korean celebrities. However, there are many reports say that many of them have undergone plastic surgery. To see what kind of surgical procedures that they have had, you can see my previous post “Korean Stars Plastic Surgery”.

Korean Male Plastic Surgery Before and After
Korean Male Plastic Surgery Before and After

South Korea is famous for its Kpop culture, but most people are now getting interested with the news that most of the Korean population has undergone plastic surgery. They wonder why many of them decide to get plastic surgery. And the following are some facts of South Korea plastic surgery. Let’s check them out.

  1. 76% of 20-30 years old women have ever had plastic surgery procedures done.
  2. 25% of Mothers in South Korea sent their 12-16-year-old children for plastic surgery.
  3. 95% of South Koreans have a fold in the eyelid. It indicates the result of plastic surgery, double eyelids surgery.
  4. In South Korea there are rough 1200 plastic surgeons. The number of plastic surgeons is still predicted to grow.
  5. Almost people in South Korea spend 30% of their income for plastic surgery.
  6. In a poll, 70% of male in South Korea have ever done plastic surgery.
  7. The most common procedure of plastic surgery that is taken by Women in South Korea is double eyelid surgery. It can be proven from the shape of their eyes which look wider opened than they used to.
  8. Plastic surgery in South Korea is considered as the normal thing. So, it is not wonder if there are many Korean celebrities reportedly have been under knife.
  9. Korean plastic surgery cost is cheaper than other countries.
  10. 40% of the visitors of Korean plastic surgery clinics are male.
  11. Many of male Shout Korea conducted plastic surgery to reshape their eyes through eyelid surgery.
  12. The minimum age of Korean teenagers for having plastic surgery must be over than 14 years old.
  13. The most preferred gifts of the birthday for many of Korean teenagers is a plastic surgery rather than cars or other gifts.
  14. The technology of plastic surgery in Korea is considered as the most advanced and innovative.
  15. The most visible advertisement in Korean magazines is a plastic surgery advertisement.
  16. 50% of 20-year-old women in South Korea are reported having undergone plastic surgery. The most preferred time for doing plastic surgery is the long school holidays in which many Korean students take some procedures of plastic surgery.
  17. There are many plastic surgery clinics in South Korea. Therefore, it is easy to find the beauty surgery clinic over there.

Those are some facts of plastic surgery in Shout Korea. One thing that I can underline from the facts mentioned above is that almost South Koreans consider plastic surgery is the normal thing and it seems to be legal or even obligation. Therefore, it is not wonder if plastic surgery in South Korea is more extreme than in America.

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