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Sofia Vergara Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

The speculation of Sofia Vergara Plastic Surgery actually has been spreading for a long time ago. However, there are still many people especially the fans bases are wondering about the truth of the rumors.

It is said that Sofia Vergara Plastic Surgery consist of boob job (breast implants or breast augmentation) and tummy tuck. The speculation of boob job is based on her breast size which looks much bigger than before.

Sofia Vergara Plastic Surgery Boob Job
Sofia Vergara Plastic Surgery Boob Job

According to Dailymail, Sofia has ever stated that she planned to have boob job. In 2015 many celebrity volunteers tried to confirm whether she had done boob job or not due to her breast size transformation, she openly admitted that she had really been under knife for boob job or breast augmentation surgery.

‘Yeah, eventually I’m going to have to have it. Something’s going to have to be done,’


My whole life, buying a bra was a nightmare. What I used to do when I moved to L.A., I found places like Frederick’s of Hollywood that make bras for [strippers]

On the other hand, Vogue magazine revealed that Sofia Vergara boobs now appear in 32F. It indeed looks too big for her body frame. But, she seems to be comfortable with big boos.

It has to be noted that Sofia Vergara is not the only celebrity who reportedly got breast implants. Let’s see how pretty Taylor Swift Boob after being under knife. The other actress that is rumored having benefited from boob job can be seen from Raquel Welch Plastic Surgery.

Sofia Vergara Plastic Surgery Tummy Tuck
Sofia Vergara Plastic Surgery Tummy Tuck

What about the speculation of tummy tuck? Did she also admit that she had been under knife for the cosmetic procedure? Sofia Vergara has never shared about other surgical procedure except boob job. It means that the rumor is not true.

Do people believe if she did not have additional procedures of plastic surgery beyond boob job? Many haters consider that she might not admit it, but they think that the comparison before and after pictures have shown the facts if she has had tummy tuck. Their allegation is based on her abdomen which still looks flawless without excessive fats.

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Sofia Vergara measurements indeed look too perfect for a 43 years old woman with 2 children. However, it cannot be used as the evidence to judge her having tummy tuck. She may have healthy lifestyle like regular exercise or even healthy diet, so that she can still look stunning at her middle age.

Overall, Sofia Vergara Plastic Surgery is a fact. Regardless of whether she has got liposuction or not, her appearance indeed looks wonderful even though she is not young anymore. Good job Sofia!

What do you think about Sofia Vergara Plastic Surgery? Do you believe if she has got other surgery procedure beyond boob job, tummy tuck? Feel free to share this post if you find something interesting in it!

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