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Snooki Plastic Surgery- Snooki Before and After Plastic Surgery

Snooki plastic surgery news more extends list of Hollywood celebrities who take procedures of cosmetic surgery procedures to improve their beautiful image like what we can see in Catherine Bell plastic surgery.

Snooki Plastic Surgery Before and After
Snooki Plastic Surgery Before and After

Some of us may ever see her with a disproportionate weight during her pregnancy. However, after the baby is born, her appearance immediately turns into gorgeous with a fantastic body shape without excess fat. This is what sparked the rumors of Snooki plastic surgery.

Did Snooki Get Plastic Surgery?

When the rumor is confirmed to the actress, she firmly rejected all the allegations addressed to her. She convinced that the transformation of her appearance was as a result of the tight diet balanced with regular exercise and reducing bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol. She also explained that she took over five months to get back into the proportional body shape.

Do people believe in her explanation? Many people assume that what she told is just an alibi to cover the speculations of plastic surgery. They considered that to reduce weight as much as 50 pounds in 5 months is unnatural and impossible. It thus seems to be very difficult to be accepted by common sense. Therefore, they especially the haters believe Snooki plastic surgery rumor is true.

Well, if she really has had plastic surgery, what are procedures of Snooki plastic surgery?

Referring to the results of the comparison between Snooki before and after pictures, a woman whose full name is Nicole Elizabeth Polizzi seems to have liposuction. Therefore, it is not surprising that she was able to restore body weight in very short time after giving birth to her children.

Snooki Plastic Surgery Boob Job
Snooki Plastic Surgery Boob Job

Besides liposuction, Snooki was also rumored to have breast augmentation surgery. This allegation is based on her statement when interviewed by where she ever expressed her desire to increase the size of her boobs through breast augmentation surgery or which is often called breast implants.

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“I definitely want to get my boobs done eventually, but I want to wait until my kids are done and I want two more,”
“Once I’m done with my kids, I’ll probably get my boobs done.”

However, has she really made her desire come true having breast implants? If we refer to her statement then synchronize with the result of comparison between Snooki before and after pictures, it is obvious that her breast size now looks bigger and fuller than before. This indicates that she seemed to have a boob job done.

Approximately, How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost?

On the other hand, a lot of the fans also see that she now appears with plumper pout lips. The change of Snooki lips is suspected as the effect of lips filler injection. And, she did not seem to stop in liposuction, breast augmentation surgery and lips filler, she apparently has had Botox injections as well. This speculation is based on the skin of her face that still looks very smooth with no frown lines at all.

Snooki Plastic Surgery Lips
Snooki Plastic Surgery Lips

It is true that so far there is still no official explanation about what kind of plastic surgery procedure that Snooki has had. Everything is still based on an analysis from the comparison between before and after photos synced with her statement. But, if she really has had some procedures of cosmetic surgery like what she told in an interview, I am sure that she has found the best place to get plastic surgery.

In short, one thing that we can note from the rumors of Snooki plastic surgery is that her appearance now does look much more beautiful than before even though some haters say she has had too much plastic surgery. I personally cannot say if it is as the result of successful plastic surgery or not because the actress herself has denied all of allegations addressed to her.

What do you think about plastic surgery rumors Snooki? Does she look like having some work done? Feel free to share this post and your comments if you find something interesting in this site!

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