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Robin Mcgraw Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

A mature actress known for her role as a wife of Dr. Phil has been indicated to have some cosmetic surgery procedures to make her face looks ageless and attractive. This 59 years old woman is noticed to get younger in every single appearance she performs.

Many of people speculated that her youthful look is due to the regular exercises and drinking plenty of water everyday, but not a few of people claimed that Robin Mcgraw has taken a series of plastic surgery procedure.

Has Robin Mcgraw Had Plastic Surgery?

Robin Mcgraw Plastic Surgery Before and After
Robin Mcgraw Plastic Surgery Before and After

Some plastic surgeons assumed that she did not only have healthy lifestyle like regular exercise and drinking water, but to have youthful look she also had some beauty surgeries as well such as a Brow lift, Botox injections , veneers, and nose job.

Based on the comparison of Robin Mcgraw before and after photos, there is a plastic surgeon claim that there is possibilities for her to get facelift as well. It is almost impossible for her to have such smooth and tight face skin if she did not have face surgery.

In addition, plastic surgeon Dr. John DI Saia also agrees if the rumor of Robin Mcgraw plastic surgery is in fact true as he wrote on his own blog.

My wife is an avid Dr Phil watcher, so I see more than a few Dr Phil shows via the DVR. My wife and I have seen Dr Phil’s wife Robin on a few shows and it is obvious at least facially that she has had some work.”

Comparing her old appearance with the latest one, she apparently did not only have facelift, Botox, rhinoplasty surgery, and veneers, but she opted having other surgery procedures like lips filler injection and breast augmentation.

Robin Mcgraw Plastic Surgery Breast Implant
Robin Mcgraw Plastic Surgery Breast Implant

The sign of Robin Mcgraw breast implant can be seen from her new breast size which looks bigger and fuller than she used to. Some people may say that it was caused by weight loss during healthy diet program and routine works out. While, the use of filler injection around her lips can be seen through how her lips appear. Mcgraw ‘s lips now look more plumped juicy which is very contrast to her previous lips which looks usual and there is no any special thing on her lipd.

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Anyway, Robin seems to have shared of her plastic surgery over the years and her frequent appearance on her husband’ talk show lately and her fans particularly have realized this case and they noticed that every surgical procedure has worked well on her body. and Robin Mcgraw plastic surgery seems to be all her top secret to get youthful look by means of staying hydrated and plenty of Pilates.


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