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Rita Wilson Plastic Surgery Before and After

Rita Wilson lately becomes hot news in several celebrity magazines. She may rarely appear on the screen and often spends much time behind a camera. However, it does not make her completely free from gossip.

The latest news says that she is reported having had plastic surgery. The rumors of Rita Wilson plastic surgery are based on her appearance which still looks charming though she is already 59 years old.

Rita Wilson Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures
Rita Wilson Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Many people see that Wilson’s facial skin still looks tight, smooth and free of wrinkles. It thus seems quite impossible for other women in her age to have great face skin like hers if they do not have expensive beauty treatments like plastic surgery.

Well, the big question is what plastic surgery procedures she gets?

Judging from the comparison between before and after pictures, Rita Wilson seemed to have some beauty enhancements on her face skin and boobs.

Looking at Rita Wilson’s beauty improvement, some people predict that she might get facelift which was combined with Botox injection. This allegation is based on the skin of his face that still looks fresh and youthful, as if it is difficult to see the signs of aging face. (See also how well Barbra Streisand plastic surgery was done)

Rita Wilson Plastic Surgery Breast Implant
Rita Wilson Plastic Surgery Breast Implant

Meanwhile, if we look at the latest Rita Wilson breast size and then compare it with the size in previous years, her boob size now looks bigger and fuller.

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Commonly, 59-year-old women will have saggy breast and it seems to be something normal as the part of natural process of aging. But, what we can see on Wilson’s breast size, thus it does not seem to apply to her. Therefore, a lot of people assume that she might get breast augmentation surgery (boob job or breast implant).

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In short, whatever the reason for Rita Wilson plastic surgery, she now looks much younger and more beautiful than she should be.

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