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Average Plastic Surgery Salary- Plastic Surgeon Salary by State

Beautiful and charming are the basic need of every women and men. Almost everyone wants to look beautiful and captivating especially for the celebrities. They are willing to spend much money to look beautiful even they consider a beauty is a top priority. As a result, the plastic surgeon is hunted. Look at the faces of your favorite celebrities! They are now rarely found with original and natural faces because they have been polished through plastic surgery. The shape of the nose, cheeks, lips, chin, and many other parts of the body can be set back based on their demand in order to enhance their appearance.

Plastic Surgery Years of School
Plastic Surgery Years of School

Plastic surgery industry becomes a very profitable because its dimensions have been rising and still a few people who are interested in becoming a plastic surgeon. It means that being a plastic surgeon can become very profitable profession for the students or academies who are still looking for the highest paying jobs after graduation.

Plastic Surgeon Salary: How Much Do Plastic Surgeons Make a Year?

None of the information that could or dared to ascertain how much plastic surgeon will make. The average salary for a reconstructive surgeon all depends on several factors including industry, company size, location, years of experience and level of education.

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According to HR Report data on February 2016 in, the average plastic surgeon salary is usually in range $298,231-$442,529 a year. The following chart describes the percentage of plastic surgeon salary in the United States.

Plastic Surgeon Salary Average In U.S
Plastic Surgeon Salary Average In U.S

Plastic Surgeon Salary Average by State

National Averages for annual plastic surgeon salary by States

  • Plastic Surgery Salary California is in range $298,231-$442,529.

  • Plastic surgery salary NYC is usually in about 298,231-$442,529.

  • Plastic surgery salary Canada is between C$39,445 – C$358,327 including bonus.

  • The average Plastic surgery salary UK is about £36,322-£56,178 a year.

  • Plastic Surgery Salary Australia is usually between AU$42,282 – AU$305,584/ year including bonus.

  • Plastic surgeon salary in New Zealand is ranging from between $70K-$175K per annum for new comer while  for an experienced surgeon is about $151K-$600K.

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Plastic Surgery Education: Plastic Surgery Years of School

The candidate of plastic surgeons must have completed graduate degree and then should have a Doctor of Medicine degree which is usually reached within a period of 4 years. Afterwards, the candidates of surgeon also have to finish an internship of 5 or 6 years residency training in order to get a specialized degree in plastic surgery. The final step is that they have to pass the board exams and get the certificate conducted by the ABPS (American Board of Plastic Surgery).

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