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Pictures of Dolly Parton Without Makeup

For the lovers of Country music must have been familiar with the legend Dolly Parton. She is claimed as one of the most-honored female country singers of all time. During her career she of course has earned a lot awards. Even her works, hits single or albums, have been certified by The Record Industry Association of America due to her achievements. Some of her boast achievements are that she has been awarded the Gold Record and Multi-Platinum Record which are very difficult to be achieved by other country music singers.

However, some people may not know well about her achievements especially for those people who do not like music country. What they know is about her outrageous style because they often see that she likes to alter her style.

As the passion for changing appearance, Instyle magazine at least noted she has changed her appearance as much as 12 times during her lifetime. Meanwhile, plastic surgery magazine noted that one of her ways to change her looks is through plastic surgery. See what procedures of Dolly Parton plastic surgery are, so that she looks different from year by year.

Besides plastic surgery, Dolly also likes to enhance herself with unusual makeup that many people perceived as being excessive. Even her close friend ever revealed that she did not want to leave the house without makeup. Therefore, some people are very curiosity with Dolly Parton without makeup.

What Does Dolly Parton Really Look Like Without Makeup

It seems to be not easy for many people to see Dolly Parton without makeup because her life cannot be far from the cosmetic equipments like lipstick, powder, eyes shadow, wigs, and many others.

Dolly Parton Makup Pictures
Dolly Parton Makup Pictures

When some journalists of beauty magazine tried to dig the information how she looks without make up, Dolly Parton openly told that she looked like “Hell” as it was quoted below.

“If somebody says, ‘What do you look like without that makeup?’ I say, ‘I look like hell!’ But that’s OK, who doesn’t? I’m not a natural beauty, that’s one of the reasons I’m over-exaggerated,”.

“I feel better when I put on a little makeup. I don’t like looking in the mirror and thinking, ‘Who the hell’s that old ugly woman?'”

Well, you can describe by yourself how how ugly or beautiful Dolly Parton without makeup based on her statement above.

Parton’s passion for makeup probably will not make her fans are disappointed because they love not the outward appearance but the enthusiasm in maintaining the appearance and most certainly is her golden voice that made them fall in love with her.

Regardless of how Dolly Parton’s look without make up, it has to be admitted that almost women in the world especially in U.S eager to look beautiful. Especially for celebrities, including Dolly Parton, they assume and believe that beauty is one of the most important assets that they must keep in order to always look beautiful. Therefore, they will do everything to keep their assets even though they have to spend much money for buying beauty products or even for taking some procedures of plastic surgery.

One of the leading statistics companies on the internet, statista, revealed that America becomes the biggest and potential market in the world for beauty products. It may be caused by many consumers feel that beauty products can help them in attaining social and economic goals. Nevertheless, it has to be remembered that to look beautiful naturally is the best option than to look pretty but to rely on beauty products.


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