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Khloe Kardashian butt implants, did she really have it done? This rumor began spreading after some people saw her latest selfie photos from her Instagram account. They see that her butt looks much different. It looks so fake. There are so many disputes whether Khloe Kardashian has undergone a butt implant or not. But, based [...]

Jennifer Aniston Nose Job

Jennifer Aniston Nose Job is a fact. She openly admitted that she had a rhinoplasty, not full nose surgery. She told that the procedure was aimed to fix the deviated septum. However, a lot of people are still wondering whether her nose job was really for medical reason not for cosmetic reasons. Besides nose job, [...]

Tina Fey Plastic Surgery

Tina Fey Plastic Surgery has long made headlines in several celebrity magazines. The female comedian reportedly had some work done like nose job, boob job,  and scar removal surgery. The rumors of Tina Fey plastic surgery began spreading after some viewers noticed that the distinctive facial feature: a scar on her left cheek, had been [...]

Jennifer Jason Leigh Bad Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Jason Leigh Plastic Surgery rumors have been long stealing public attention. She reportedly had some work done due to some noticeable differences in her appearance, particularly on her face features. Related: Megan Fox Surgery DID JENNIFER JASON LEIGH HAVE PLASTIC SURGERY Judging by before and after pictures, some viewers predicted that the procedures of [...]

Bethenny Frankel never seemed able to escape from the issue of plastic surgery. Recently a late-night talk show, Watch What Happens: Live, try to clarify whether she was getting plastic surgery or not. And, do you know what Bethenny's answer when asked by host Andy Cohen on her face change particularly why her jaw is [...]

Dolly Parton Weight Loss Secrets

Dolly Parton's appearance has changed. She does not look like she used to, but she now appears like a doll. Multiple sources tell us that she had some procedures of plastic surgery done, so that her appearance looks much different than before. SEE: Dolly Parton Plastic Surgery Details Besides having some work done, she is [...]

Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery

What more can you say about Heidi Montag's plastic surgery obsession? A lot of viewers have known that she underwent 10 procedures of cosmetic surgery in one day. It is very extreme way! Related: Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery However, some sources recently tells us that she regrets all the procedures of her beauty surgery. Why? [...]

John Travolta Oj Simpson

John Travolta plastic surgery has made headlines in recent years. He reportedly has done some procedures of cosmetic surgery such as facelift and botox injection. This allegation is based on his appearance which looks too great for a 61-year-old man. Did John Travolta Have Plastic Surgery? The rumors of John Travolta face plastic began spreading [...]

Lady Gaga Plastic Surgery

Lady Gaga plastic surgery still becomes a hot topic in recent years. She reportedly had undergone some procedures of cosmetic surgery such as nose job, boob job, facelift, Botox, and lip injections. However, the truth of these rumors are still debated by the fans and plastic surgeons. Many viewers, particularly the fans, are still wondering [...]

Taylor Swift Butt Implants

Taylor Swift seems to never stop making sensation. Still fresh in our memory how she left Calvin Harris for the sake of the new man she just knew. This news even become viral on social media such as facebook and twitter. However, since the controversy news of her relationship with Calvin ended, some people are [...]