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Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery: Nose Job and Chin Surgery

Michelle Phan plastic surgery lately becomes hot news in several magazines. Many people are wondering whether she has really had plastic surgery procedures done or not. If the news is true, there are many people seem to be disappointed with her because she is best known as an advocate of natural beauty.

Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos
Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Michelle Phan Have Plastic Surgery?

The question above seems to become commonplace if we look at her latest appearance. Many people see that she has changed a lot in recent years. They notice that she has a lot of beauty enhancements on her face features. It makes them speculate if Michelle Phan have plastic surgery procedures done.

Well, the big question is what kind of cosmetic surgery procedures did she have? Looking at the comparison between before and after pictures, she seems to have at least three changes on her face features, nose, eyes and chin, because three of them now look a little bit different.

Michelle Phan Nose Job

Some people may get difficulties in finding the sign of Michelle Phan nose job. However, if you look at her new nose closely then compare to the old one, you will easily see the difference.

Michelle Phan Nose Job Before and After
Michelle Phan Nose Job Before and After

Judging from before and after pictures, it is very clear that Michelle Phan nose now looks more projected, thinner and much better defined at the tip. It is almost different with her old nose (in before picture) which looks a little bit wide and flat.

Look at the nostril area! It now appears to be thinned down. It indicates that she has really been under knife for a rhinoplasty surgery. Looking at her nose that looks so perfect, many people believe that she has been working well with the surgeons so that the signs of Michelle Phan nose job almost invisible.

Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery: Eyes and Chin

The other her face features which look like more projected through plastic surgery are eyes and chin. Both of them now look much more appropriate for her face frame.

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Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Pictures
Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Pictures

Look at her eyes! They now look wider than before. Though the changes are less significant, but they appear different. It indicates that there is possibility for Michelle Phan to have an eyelid surgery.

Last but not least, Michelle’s chin also has turned into the downward shaped or it is best known as face V-line. Looking at her new chin shape makes some people speculate that she does not only have nose job and eyelid surgery, but there is big possibility for her to get chin surgery or chin fillers as well.

Well, if the rumors of Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery are true, did she admit all the procedures above? Since this post was written and published, there has not been an official statement from her. She always keeps silent whenever her fans or journalists ask her about the plastic surgery allegations.

Many her fans hope that the news of Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery is not true. What they hope seems to be a reasonable thing because Michelle Phan is best known as a natural beauty advisor, so that she should not have any procedures of plastic surgery done to enhance her appearance.

What do you think of Michelle Phan’s plastic surgery rumors? Does her latest appearance represent cosmetic surgery result? Feel free to share your comments here!

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