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Maria Menounos Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Maria Menounos is not only best known as an actress, but some people know her as a television host and a professional wrestler as well. Many people especially her fans are amazed by her attractive appearance and her perfect body shape.

As a famous actress and professional wrestler, Maria Menounos seems to unable to avoid unpleasant rumors. Yes, some people speculated that this 37 years old woman has had some procedures of plastic surgery to make her looks much more beautiful than she used to.

Did Maria Menounos Have Plastic Surgery?

The rumors of Maria Menounos plastic surgery has been becoming hot topic of discussion among netizens in several forums. According to the speculations, she was reported having at least two procedures of cosmetic surgery, nose job (rhinoplasty) and boob job (breast augmentation or breast implants).

Maria Menounos Plastic Surgery- Nose Job

Maria Menounos Plastic Surgery Nose Job

The truth of Maria Menounos nose job rumors is indeed still unproven. But, judging from the comparison between before and after photos, some people see that her nose now appears more projected than previous years. Maria’s nose now looks more pointed and straighter.

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Looking at the result of the comparison between before and after photos, a lot of people believe that the change on her nose was as the result of rhinoplasty or it is best known as nose job.

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Maria Menounos Plastic Surgery – Boob Job (Breast Augmentation)

Besides nose job, Maria seemed to have had a boob job (breast implants or breast augmentation surgery) as well. This allegation is based on the shape of her breast which is now believed increasing twice bigger than before. Can you see the signs of the boob job?

Maria Menounos Plastic Surgery Boob Job

Some people see that Maria Menounos breast size now looks rounder and more perfect than before. With new boob size she now appears more beautiful and sexier.

Maria Menounos boob job is not the only one. There are still many actresses also reportedly had this beauty surgery. Let’s take a look how Nicki Minaj enhanced her breast size! Her boobs now look rounder and bigger after being under knife for boob job.

What do you think about the rumors of Maria Menounos plastic surgery? Did she look like having a nose job and breast implants? Feel free to share this post and leave your comments if you find something interesting in it!

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