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Lil Kim Before & After Plastic Surgery

For a while now, Lil Kim has been a force to reckon with in the celebrity circles. She rose to fame at a time when being a lady and singing hip hop music was not an idea entertained by most women. However, as she took a break from music owing to her age, she came out looking all different. Many were quick to quip that she must have been under the surgeon’s knife in the name of plastic surgery. For the most part, she has denied it

Before the Surgery

The Lil Kim before surgery was different by all measures when one compares her to the lady we see now. The Lil Kim surgery drew attention for its having completely changed her especially her face. Before the surgery, she was a dark woman with a bewitching smile and beautiful round face. She would smile and and belt out tunes that we all loved. Her face had a few problems just like everyone else there is. Her face also looked natural and normal with an African American nose that was a bit wide and bulbous.

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery Before & After
Lil Kim Plastic Surgery Before & After                                                      Image Source

In Comes the Surgeon

The Lil Kim face we meet after the surgery is that of a completely new person. Not only is her face changed to that of a white woman, but everything seems to have been edited to make her a new person completely. Her nose is gone and in its place is a sharp one looking nothing like what she had. The Lil Kim face she now has is that of a different person altogether. While she may deny having had the plastic surgery, the look of her face gravely betrays her that. She does not have anything looking like her old self that everyone knew.

Lil Kim Before & After Plastic Surgery
Lil Kim Before & After Plastic Surgery        Image Source

The Welcome Changes

The Lil Kim before surgery was the lady who rose to stardom in the middle of a lot of turmoil. However, the one we meet after the surgery looks nothing like she has won rap battles with the best of the best. If you remember singing to Lighters Up, then you know the Lil Kim we are all about. After the Lil Kim surgery, she looks like a graceful English lady who has had it soft growing up in a castle. While she may deny having the surgeries, everyone will agree that she has changed a good bit.

Lil Kim Before & After Surgery
Lil Kim Before & After Surgery       Image Source

And the Not-so-welcome Changes

To some people, her younger look makes her look better than she did before the plastic surgery. This group of people say she looks younger than she actually is which is a good thing for everyone. To others, they are a disaster as they changed her in a negative way. First of all, they made her not Lil Kim. Secondly, they made her face look a bit unattractive for those who knew her before the surgery. She could have gotten various types of surgeries among them Botox injections and others.

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery
Lil Kim Plastic Surgery       Image Source

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