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Lauren Holly Plastic Surgery Before After

Many people think that 51-year-old actress Lauren Holly’s appearance has changed a lot. They predict that her transformation is due to plastic surgery procedures. However, not all people know what type of  Lauren Holly plastic surgery is.

Born on 28th October 1963 her appearance still looks great for her age. Her facial skin does not have a lot of visible aging signs. Her nose also appears more defined than before. Meanwhile, her breast size also has increased.

Lauren Holly Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Lauren Holly Plastic Surgery Before and After
Lauren Holly Plastic Surgery Before and After

If we look at before and after photos, the actress of Field of Lost Shoes film looks like getting multiple cosmetic surgery procedures around her face features and cup size.

Based on the comparison of Lauren Holly before and after pictures, she might have had facelift which was combined with Botox injection. This speculation is based on how tight and smooth her face skin appears. Her face does not seem to have wrinkles and sagging skin. As result, her appearance looks younger, fresh, and flawless than other women in her age.

Lauren Holly Nose Job Before and After
Lauren Holly Nose Job Before and After

Besides face lift surgery and facial filler injection, Lauren Holly also reportedly got nose job. It can be seen from the new shape of her nose which looks  straighter whereas her nose previously looked a bit wide with undefined tip.

A rhinoplasty surgery for Hollywood celebrities seems not to be something new anymore because there are a lot of actresses in Hollywood have been reported getting nose job. Let’s take a look at Christina Ricci’s nose after having a rhinoplasty surgery. She got a lot of benefits from her nose surgery.

Lauren Holly Breast Implant Before and After
Lauren Holly Breast Implant Before and After

The other type of Lauren Holly plastic surgery is lips augmentation. Let’s take a look at her new lips, it appears fuller than before. It indicates that lips filler injection has worked well.

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On the other hand, if we look at Lauren Holly breast size, she apparently got breast implants as well. Her cup size now looks much bigger and fuller than she used to. With big breast size her appearance looks sexier than other women in her age.

Since this post was published, there is still no confirmation of the actress if she really had got plastic surgery or not. However, looking at her appearance transformation, some people believe that if the rumor of Lauren Holly plastic surgery was in fact true.

What do you think of Lauren Holly’s transformation? Does she have plastic surgery procedures done to keep her youthful appearance? Feel free to share your comments here.

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