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Kwang Hee Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kwang Hee plastic surgery lately steals many public attentions. The Korean star reportedly has had work done on his face due to the different appearance. A lot of people see that his appearance has changed a lot. He now looks much more handsome and cute. Did he really have plastic surgery? If he did so, what type of cosmetic surgery procedure did he have?

Kwang Hee Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures
Kwang Hee Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Judging from before and after pictures, the 27 years old Korean actor seemed to have some beauty enhancements on his nose, eyes and facial skin. Three of his face features looks different than they used to be.

Kwang Hee’s nose now looks narrower and more pointed at the tip. It is suspected as the result of nose job (rhinoplasty surgery). Such change seems to be impossible to be obtained naturally without any plastic surgeon’s intervention.

The other sign of Kwang Hee Plastic Surgery can be seen from his face skin which now looks tight and smooth. It is possible for him to get facelift surgery to get rid of the wrinkles and to smooth his facial skin. Kwang Hee’s age may indeed be still young, but it does not mean that he is free from cosmetic surgery.

Kwang Hee Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Kwang Hee Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Moreover, there is a claim that many Korean stars are reported having undergone plastic surgery to makeover their appearance. The claim makes many people strongly believe that the rumors of Kwang Hee plastic surgery are fact.

Besides nose surgery and facelift, the former star of Marrying The Mafia 5 – Return of the Mafia seems to have double eyelid surgery as well. The allegation is based on his eyes which look wider than before.

It seems to be unusual for Koreans having wide and big eyes. Therefore, if their eyes become wide, they have definitely had an eyelid surgery done.

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As we know that nose job and eyelid surgery become two of plastic surgery procedures which are most often taken in Korea. Many of Kpop stars reportedly had these cosmetic surgery procedures to improve their image.

Did Hwang Kwang-hee admit all the allegation of plastic surgery? Since this post was published, there had not been any official statement from him whether he has really had beauty surgery or not. He always keeps silent as if he does not care about the speculations. Nonetheless, many people believe that the speculations of Kwang Hee Plastic Surgery are truly fact.

What do you think of Kwang Hee’s transformation? Did he look like having some procedures of plastic surgery done? Feel free to share your comments and this post if you find something interesting in it.

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