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Kendall Jenner Plastic Surgery Rumors

Kendall Jenner plastic surgery rumors have been long discussed by her fans in several forums. The little sister of Kim Kardashian reportedly had some work done like a lip augmentation, breast augmentation, and nose job.

kendall jenner plastic surgery list

Has Kendall Jenner Had Plastic Surgery

Before we investigate further whether Kendall Jenner plastic surgery rumours are true or not, let’s started comparing the following pictures!

kendall jenner before and after
Kendall Jenner before and after surgery
Kendall Jenner Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Can you see the difference between Kendall Jenner before and after? Did she really look like having lips injection, nose job, and breast implants? To answer these questions, let’s see the surgeons’ analysis below!

Kendall Jenner Plastic Surgery List

Based on the report published by, the procedures of Kendall Jenner plastic surgery included nose job, lips augmentation, and breast implants.

Now, let’s see in detail what experts said about the Kendall Jenner plastic surgery rumors!

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Kendall Jenner Nose Job

Kendall Jenner Nose Job Before And After
Kendall Jenner Nose Job Before And After

Did Kendall Jenner get a nose job? According to plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, Kendall has obviously had a nose job. He said “Kim‘s little sister appears to have undergone some thinning and shortening of her nose, making it more resemble the nose of her famous sister, Kim. The sign of her nose surgery can be seen from her nose which now looks more elegant and refined”.

Kendall Jenner Lip Injections

Besides rhinoplasty, some plastic surgery experts also see that Kendall Jenner lips looked unnatural. They believed that it was not due to makeup, but it looked like the result of lip injections.

kendall jenner lip injection before and after

In an exclusive interview with, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon John Zannis told that the recent photo of Kendall Jenner lip looks very much like lip injections. The raised vermillion border is a tip-off, especially since it wasn’t present in earlier photos.

Kendall Jenner Breast Implants

The other surgical procedure that Kendall might have is a boob job (breast augmentation surgery or breast implants). Based on the report published by,  the model is considering going under the knife to receive breast implants.

Kendall Jenner Breast Implants Before and After
Kendall Jenner Breast Implants Before and After

Even the rumors said that Kendall Jenner breast implants was reported as a bid to win over Justin Bieber!

kendall jenner boob job before and after pictures


According to Dr. Neal Handel, MD, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Kendall’s breasts are fake after carefully examining photos of her Met Gala sideboob.

“The extreme round appearance of the breasts indicated that they have been enhanced with a breast implant, either saline or silicone,” 

How did Kendall Jenner respond the rumors? Did she admit or otherwise denied the rumours? She strongly denied having had some work done to enhance her appearance and even to win over Justin Bieber!

‘It’s all so exhausting,’ the reality star, 21, said. ‘As a model, why would I have my face reconstructed? It doesn’t even make sense. It’s crazy because sometimes I feel like people just want me to lose.’

In short, regardless of whether Kendall Jenner plastic surgery rumors are true or not, people see that her appearance looks much different than she used to be. Judging from before and after photos, they believe that she must have had plastic surgery procedures done even though she denied them.

What do you think about Kendall Jenner face transformation? Do you believe she has had a plastic surgery?

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