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Katy Perry Breast Implants Before and After Pictures

Katy Perry Breast Implants news lately becomes hot topic of discussion among celebrity watchers and her fans. They are talking about whether she has really been under knife for boob job or breast augmentation. They also wonder why she did such brave efforts.

Does Katy Perry Have Breast Implants?

Many people may have been familiar with this 25-year-old singer. Her hits songs have earned a lot of awards. One of the most precious is Golden Globe Award in 2005 for Best Original Song. However, many of them are now wondering whether Katy Perry breasts are fake or original.

Katy Perry Breast Implants Boobs Job Pictures
Katy Perry Breast Implants Boobs Job Pictures

Many celebrity watchers consider that Katy Perry breast size has changed spontaneously meaning the transformation of her cup size occurred in a very short time. There are many speculations regarding her breast size improvements.

Some people believe that she has got breast implants. However, almost her fans believe that Katy Perry boobs are still natural without any implants inserted into her chest.

Katy Perry Breast Implants Before and After
Katy Perry Breast Implants Before and After

What is the response of plastic surgeon regarding the speculation of Katy Perry breast implants? Do they agree if her breast size is fake? Let’s see the following before and after pictures!

According to Dr. Jennifer Walden, who has not treated Katy Perry boobs job, she does not seem to have any implants inserted into her chest. They do look bigger than it used to. However, they still look natural and original.

“I have looked at several photos and YouTube videos and it seems to me that Kate has probably not had breast augmentation. I believe her breasts are large, and one of the things I see in the photos is a natural appearance in the upper part, or cleavage area, of the breasts even when wearing a bustier. They have a tendency towards ptosis, or a natural sag that occurs over time in women with breasts that are C-cup or larger.”

However, Dr. Walden also does not want to claim that her review as the most right one. She told that if the rumor of Katy Perry breast implants is indeed true, the surgeon must have done very well her breast augmentation surgery. So that her breast size still appears natural, as if the implants are invisible.

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There are many mysteries dealing with Katy Perry plastic surgery. Many celebrity watchers claim that she does not only have boob job, but she has also been under knife for other surgical procedures like nose job as we can see in Taylor Swift Plastic Surgery.

Did Katy admit if she has got some plastic surgery procedures done? When she was confirmed to give official statements regarding the speculations of plastic surgery, Katy Perry denies Breast Implants. Nonetheless, some haters resist that she had them done.

Over all, regardless whether the rumor of Katy Perry breast implants is true or not, I see that her breast size indeed looks bigger and fuller than before. She now looks much more beautiful and sexier with new cup size.

What do you think about the speculations of Katy Perry plastic surgery? Does she look like having boob job or other cosmetic surgery procedures done? Feel free to share this post if you find something interesting in it!


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