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Kathy Griffin Plastic Surgery Before and After

It is not secret anymore if many celebrities in Hollywood who reportedly got plastic surgery seldom shared their beauty surgery. But, the confession of Kathy griffin plastic surgery has shocked many fans. They could not believe why she decided taking short cut to enhance her appearance. They think that aging naturally becomes the wiser way instead of having plastic surgery.

Kathy Griffin plastic surgery began spreading when some people noticed that her appearance looked a little bit different than she used to. Since then, the plastic surgery rumor becomes hot topic of discussion among plastic surgeons and the fans. Moreover, she openly admitted that she has some projects for her appearance though she did not tell clearly what kind of cosmetic surgery procedures she had.

What Are The Types Of Kathy Griffin Plastic Surgery

Comparing before and after, some plastic surgery experts predict that the former actress of Muppets from Space film has got rhinoplasty surgery, liposuction, and brow lift.

Well, in order to make clear what type of plastic surgery which she had taken, let’s see the following reviews below.

Kathy Griffin Nose Job

Kathy Griffin Nose Job Before and After
Kathy Griffin Nose Job Before and After

Many celebrities in Hollywood reportedly got nose job and Kathy Griffin apparently followed them to get the same beauty surgery. Plastic surgeon claimed that her nose now looks more defined than before. Kathy’s nose now looks slimmer and much better defined. It is almost different with her previous nose which looks a bit big with wide nasal bridge and bulbous tip.

Kathy Griffin Plastic Surgery: Liposuction

Liposuction seems to be the best way for celebrities who want to loose weight in very short time. And, Kathy Griffin seems to know what kind of beauty surgery to get rid of the excessive fats around the stomach. She reportedly got liposuction to take off the fats around her stomach and thigh, so that her body  looks slimier as we can see now.

Kathy Griffin After Liposuction
Kathy Griffin After Liposuction

Even one source claimed that she had been under knife for lipoplasty surgery twice.  She reportedly felt disappointed with the result of the first liposuction because she did not feel comfortable after being under knife, hence she decided taking the second lipo to get the best result of the beauty surgery. Luckily, her plastic surgeon did well her second liposuction and she felt very happy with the result.

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Kathy Griffin Plastic Surgery: Browlift and Chemical Peeling

Kathy Griffin Plastic Surgery Before and After
Kathy Griffin Plastic Surgery Before and After

Besides nose job and liposuction, Kathy Griffin was also reported to have brow lift surgery and chemical peeling. These allegations are based on how her eyebrow appears. It now appears higher than before. While the sign of chemical peeling can be seen from her face skin which still looks shiny though her age is no longer young. Looking at her smooth and tight face skin, it is hard to see the frown lines there.

On the other hand, some plastic surgeons also predict that she did not only have facial filler injection, rhinoplasty surgery, and brow lift, but it is possible for her to get dental implant to replace the missing teeth.

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