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Kat Von D Plastic Surgery Gossip Finally Revealed

Kat Von D. Kat, a tattoo artist, lately steals many public attentions. She was rumored having some procedures of plastic surgery because she looks different than before. However, many people especially her fans are still wondering about what type of beauty surgery she had.

It cannot be denied again Kat Von D, who has real name Kat Von Drachenberg, likes to explore her talent in tattoos. It is believed underlying her to enhance her beauty through plastic surgery because her latest appearance said so.

What Are the Procedures of Kat Von D Plastic Surgery?

Judging from the comparison between Kat Von D before and after photos, she seemed having some beauty enhancements on nose, eyebrow, face skin and breast.

To prove whether the rumors of Kat Von D plastic surgery are true or not, let’s review the details below.

Nose Job Speculation

According to several sources, Nose job (rhinoplasty) becomes new trend in America especially for Hollywood celebrities. And looking at Kat’s nose, she looks like having this beauty surgery. If you compare her nose in previous years with the latest one, you will easily see the difference. She now appears with more projected nose. Now her nose does not look wide anymore but it appears narrower.

Kat Von D Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Kat Von D Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Looking at her pretty nose, many people believe that she has been under knife for conservative rhinoplasty so that her nose as though looks natural. For those people who do not believe may think that it may be as the effect of makeup. However, plastic surgeons ensure that her nose has changed permanently.

Botox and Filler Injection

Kat Von D Plastic Surgery Lips
Kat Von D Plastic Surgery Lips

Besides nose job, she was also rumored having Botox and possibly other filler injection on her face and lips. The sign of Botox injection can be seen from her face skin which still appears smooth without wrinkles. While lips filler injection is believed having made her lips look fuller and juicy.

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But, some people suppose that she does not only have filler injection on her lips, she seemed to have this injectable filler on her chin as well. The gossip of Kat Von D plastic surgery lips is based on her face which now looks more oval than before.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

The other sign of Kat Von D plastic surgery can be seen from her breast size. Some celebrity watchers see that her boobs size now looks bigger and fuller than previous years. It may be caused by breast implant or boob job.

Kat Von D Plastic Surgery Breast Implant
Kat Von D Plastic Surgery Breast Implant

The speculations of Kat Von D breast augmentation surgery are not only based on the comparison of pictures, but there is a video uploaded on youtube which shows her having consultation with a plastic surgeon for boob job. Watch the following video!

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There are also rumors saying Kat has also had eyebrow transplant. The speculation is based on her eyebrow which looks 1 or 2 cm lifted up. However, the truth of these allegations is still debated by chatters.

Conclusion, Kat Von D may have not given any comments dealing with the speculations of plastic surgery. But, judging from before and after pictures supported with her video visiting plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery clinics makes many people believe that she indeed has some work done.

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