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Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong. Is That True?

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery reportedly almost destroys her appearance because she now looks much different than she used to be. As a Christian speaker she of course often appears in front of people. And it is not wonder, if some of them see the changes in her appearance. This seems to be the beginning of the plastic surgery rumors.

There are a lot of people are shocked looking at her latest appearance, they see that her face looks like swollen while the lips appear more plumped. For those people who see her transformation began speculating if the 71 years old lady has been under knife. But unfortunately, she apparently went to overboard with the surgical procedure, so that her appearance looks a little bit weird now.

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery Before and After
Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery Before and After

Well, if her different appearance is caused by plastic surgery, what are the procedures of Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery? Judging from before and after pictures, some plastic surgeons predict that Joyce seems to have had mini facelift which is combined some filler injections around her face and lips.

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery: Facelift and Botox

Facelift and Botox injection is not something new for middle-aged women especially for celebrities. Many of them reportedly had these procedures to maintain their youthful look. Let’s see how a famous actress Angelina Jolie maintains her beautiful appearance! She also reportedly has been under knife for facelift and Botox injection to keep her facial skin look tight and smooth without wrinkles.

Looking at Joyce Meyer’s appearance, her face skin indeed reflects as the result of facelift and filler injection. Her face skin still appears too great for a 71-year-old woman. She does not have a lot of aging signs on her face, but it still appears tight, smooth, and fresh.

What can be seen from Meyer’s appearance is almost contrast to other women in her age in which they have shown several wrinkles and sagging skin around their face. And it seems to make a lot of people sure if the rumors of Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery are an undeniable fact.

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery: Lip Injection

The most visible sign of Joyce’s plastic surgery is on her lips. There many surgeons see that her lips now look much more plumped than before. They convince that the people will not see it clearly, but they would see the sign if she was smiling. They predict that she could have too much filler injection like juvederm or restylane on the lips so that the shape of her lips can appear weird as what we can see on the pictures below.

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Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery Picture
Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery Picture

Nonetheless, Joyce Meyer does not seem to be alone. There are many celebrities who reportedly have been getting too many injections in their lips as well. One of them is Beth Holloway. Her lips now also look weird after getting too many injections.

Over all, Joyce Meyer Plastic surgery actually has done well except lips filler injection which is apparently overdone, so that her appearance does not look as beautiful as before. Many people apparently very regretted her effort because they assume that without plastic surgery she has been a beautiful woman.

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